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No matter what you do, or where you’re from: if you’re reading this chances are you’re as much fun of coffee as we are. This energizing drink has been helping us to start our working days for a long time. According to the Wikipedia Article, the earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking appears in the middle of the 15th century, and it was about time we took look at the data visualization out there about the great-almighty working booster. Also, the fact I’m living in Brazil, the world’s top coffee producer, has something to do with this post ;)

Coffee | Via

Coffee Facts for National Coffee Day | Via

15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine | Via

Coffee By The Numbers | Via

Coffee, by Marco Vergotti
| Via

Coffee’s Place In The Global Economy | Via

Coffee vs. Tea | Via

World Coffee and Cocoa Map | Via

Coffee In Hawaii | Via

FedEx – Our Changing World: The Coffee Effect [Interactive] | Via

The ups and downs of caffeine | Via

Coffee Consumption Calculator | Via

Coffee: Numbers and Facts | Via

The Caffeine Poster | Via

Death by Caffeine: How Much Will Kill You? | Via

The Coffee Cup
| Via

Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office | Via

I drink, therefore I am | Via

Coffee Venndor | Via

Obviously, we had to bring something about Starbuck’s:

Starbucks Worldwide: The Latte Exchange
| Via

Five Ways that the Beer-Coffee Crossover that Revolutionize Starbucks | Via

Some recipes and types of coffee drinks:

50 types of Italian coffee: espresso, cappuccino and many more | Via

Unusual coffee recipes | Via

The Perfect Coffee Pour | Via

Coffee Drinks Illustrated | Via

Coffee: Adorable and Delicious | Via

And also a couple of videos:

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Fair Trade Coffee

Finally, if you think coffee is just for living beings…well, think again:

CarPuchino Car Mod Runs On Coffee
| Via

Now it’s your turn: share with us yout thoughts about the role coffee has on your life, and if you have anyother data-viz example, just drop a comment!

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