Music For Productivity: January 28, 2011

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There are some people who need constant audio companionship to keep us sane/motivated. Music is the soundtrack to our creativity. It makes work possible, helps define who we are and adds just enough fuel to our day to get us over most major hurdles. Each week, thanks to our friends at Inspired Mag, we aim to bring you a new musical suggestion, complete with a recommendation for it’s “intended use”. We hope to explore the full spectrum of musical tastes, so check back each week!

Artist: Cee-Lo Green
Album: The Lady Killer
Genre: R&B, Motown

I’ve been a fan of Cee-Lo Green since I first heard “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley a few years ago. I remember thinking it was so awesome that a 70 year old Motown singer could have a hit song on modern radio. My friends let me think that for a really, really long time. I don’t know if they thought I was joking or what, but I was surprised when I found out he was a young guy.

To be honest, I had been watching this a lot and I got all mixed up:

Anyway, Cee-Lo’s latest offer, The Lady Killer, is a really innovative and interesting record full of pop hooks and bright, clear recordings. The album is infectious and smart. Go check it out!

On a side note, Cee-Lo’s last two videos were directed by a GENIUS video director named Matt Stawski who we’ve know since he was just starting out. Check out some of Matt’s amazing work here:

Intended Use: Winding down from a stressful client call, getting psyched up to call a client and freak out on them, mourning when a client fires you, making your small clients sound bigger when telling your Mom about them, pretending you can’t hear your client on the phone because the music is too loud.

Have a music tip for us? What music do you listen to while working? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

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  • Lewis Flude

    I wanna meet that dad!

  • SL

    Just checked out Cee-Lo, he’s awesome!

    Sadly, I generally listen to death metal while coding, but the speed of the beat gets so much work done so much faster, also I don’t sleep much so its a good substitute for coffee.

  • Any good death metal you can recommend??

    Lately we’ve been blasting Medeia :)

  • When is part 2 comming??

  • Well, i got 2, eletronic and afrobeat:

    Erol Alkan

    Budos Band, its different, but arent we supose to like different? haha