Hi there fellows! We’re back this month with brand new freebies for you to add to your development tool belt making it even more powerful, find plugins for screen-scroll stacking, page element animation, a JavaScript website generator, custom social share elements, a library for responsive typography, a browser feature detector, a section scrolling side nav…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers – February 2016”

Whether you are working on your first website project or your portfolio is bursting with examples of your work, you should still look forward to way to learn and be inspired. Thankfully, experts have dozens of videos with easily digestible messages about art, design, and marketing to guide you through your next online endeavor. The…Continue Reading “8 Talks that help all web designers grow”

Every web designer will tell you that creating a new logo can be a daunting task, however creating a logo for your restaurant can be very difficult, especially because a logo which has been designed well will have a greater impact on your visitors than a poorly designed logo. Your logo should have something in…Continue Reading “25 Stunning restaurant logos for your inspiration”

How’s it going mates, check out this new year’s first monthly round up containing fresh as freebies such as a massive bundle of 2015’s best freebies, amazing stationery mockup scenes, vector landscape illustrations, a collection of company vector logo designs, a restaurant menu template, stunning UI kits for mobile and web purposes, a neon light…Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – February 2016”

The world is filled with drag and drop content editors for your website. Due to the growing trend, some of them stink, while others turn your design process into something wonderful. These tools are best for both beginners and advanced users, since they allow for quickly developing sites without the need for any knowledge on…Continue Reading “MotoPress Content Editor Review”

Have you ever wondered just what comes up when you Google your own name? In the past, before you were involved in the business world, it might not have mattered so much. After all, as a “civilian,” it might have been no more than a few stray remarks on a movie reviews forum or a…Continue Reading “Reputation Management: It’s All in the Results”