“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” This illustrious phrase of Keats’ may be true for the earlier days of designs when websites used to be made for posterity. Not anymore! Now, far from being just exciting, vivid, and colorful virtual world, the Internet has become kind of a fashion runaway. Akin to the…Continue Reading “Web design trends for 2016 and their impact on SEO”

Finding the best of anything can be a time consuming task; especially when you are confronted with large numbers of somewhat similar items to sift through. This can also be true of website building tools. There are many good ones on the market, but it can take some effort to find the best among them….Continue Reading “Building a website or portfolio? 7 tools to use”

As a web designer I am constantly looking for new design elements, and that is why I am really stoked about this  brand new marketplace from the guys at Design Cuts. Their new marketplace for designers is an absolute game-changer for a couple of reasons: This is the most curated marketplace ever! It only features…Continue Reading “A New, Game-Changing Marketplace for Designers!”

Customer reviews, or online testimonials, have been a major component of websites since the 1990s. It’s true that the makeup of customer reviews have drastically changed – from social media to photo testimonials – the fundamentals of this proven tactic remain strong. User reviews have proven time and time again that they are important sales…Continue Reading “How online customer reviews impact your SEO efforts”

The Parallax effect is a comparatively old web design trend, which we’d call a brand new idea of visual perception if it were not for the fact that it appeared a long time ago. In the 1980s it was used in video games. Speaking of web design niche, the Nike website was a Parallax trend…Continue Reading “20 Parallax scrolling business WordPress themes for 2016”

Unfortunately, not all businesses and website owners have a huge online marketing budget. This means many businesses and website owners have to find alternative, affordable ways to reach their customers on the internet. Until the creation of the internet, it was almost impossible to find free methods to market to potential customers, but this has…Continue Reading “How to generate online leads without paying for internet traffic”