The last edition of the Inspired Giveaway was a massive hit so we continue to offer brilliant web related books – this time in collaboration with Rob Ford of the FWA fame and TASCHEN Books. The Internet Case Study Book is nothing else than the bible of any web entrepreneur!

So this is a post covering Advertising for the Next Now Generation – Facebook ads are especially useful because they target a smaller, and potentially more likely, market for your products by focusing on factors such as location, age, education, etc., while weeding out the least likely customers.

Even though some recently published reports on Mashable stated that Twitter isn’t growing, there have been other rumors bouncing around that in fact this is not the case and it’s been growing a lot in 2010. No matter what the facts are about Twitter’s growth the important thing is that while it’s popular today you…Continue Reading “Does Your Design Business Have a Twitter Strategy?”

The Twitter hype is now HUGE, we’re praising the Twitter effect, the power of RT – that’s the new DIGG, the Oprah-will-eat-Twitter effect (oh, did I said that?) and so on. But while we’re just talking, other guys do the hard job – they try to actually use Twitter like the a Digg style aggregator….Continue Reading “Will The Real Digg Twitter Please Stand Up? The biggest four players in the house”

We made a selection of inspiring interviews with outstanding personalities, must reads for every freelancer, designer, webpreneur, & co. There are at least 100 things we could learn from this guys, so sit back, relax and open your creative ears :]