This is a guest post by Chico Charlesworth. He has created a geographic visualisation with the help of his BBC colleague, Tom Martin. The visualisation mashes up location-aware social data to visually capture people’s experiences and reactions to the royal wedding.

It was built in three days and is showcased as a video and

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40 years ago the first email was sent. The email simply said ‘qwertyuiop’, and was sent to the computer sitting next to it. It’s not possible for anyone to have predicted how our world would change after the successful sending of that first message.

Our friends from Schweppes released a cool app recently, regarding the newest hype on Facebook where users can take the advantage of Facebook’s new profile design. Here’s all you need to know: How to enable new Facebook Profile design for your profile? Step 1: Goto the announcement page. Step 2: Click on “Get thew New…Continue Reading “Customize your New Facebook Profile with the Schweppes App”

Social media marketers take note. In light of the recent midterm elections, what do Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook all have in common? If you said that they all care deeply about democracy, well…you’d be wrong. (And if you said that they are all social media giants, well then, you’d be Captain Obvious). The answer? They all know how to leverage a social event and they know how to make themselves useful.