Watching the news is a depressing task these days. Reading it online is even worst. Story after story of horror and misery assault you from all sides, further sensationalized by a culture where 24-hour coverage is used as morbid entertainment. It is enough to put anyone in a foul mood and make you feel like…Continue Reading “5 Unique Websites to Get Inspired”

Unique street art can be found in urban centers around the world but one nation in particular stands out for its beautiful and thought-provoking offerings: France. Among other things, the French are renowned for their artistic sensibilities and the streets of its biggest cities prove that this is no less true in modern times than…Continue Reading “10 Awesome Examples of French Street Art”

When discussing the most positive forms of potential viral content, what comes to mind? Chances are, one of the first thoughts in your head was infographics. Well established focal points for those wishing to provide easily sharable content, there is no limit to the potential for visibility that infographics provide you. Realizing this, new programs…Continue Reading “10 Blogs for Infographic Inspiration”

design patterns that have come from traditional visuals of nationalities or world regions. Sometimes we pick up on this, and other times we are not so certain of the origins of a certain pattern to which we are drawn. Even more often, viewers won’t pick up on those influences when they witness the final product…Continue Reading “7 Nationality-Influenced Patterns to Inspire Your Website Design”

On February 4th, Facebook will celebrate its 8th anniversary, and we can already consider it a major force in our modern day lifestyle. As many would say, Facebook IS the Internet. I can’t completely agree with that, but, nevertheless, the truth is that over 800 million people use Facebook, and that’s pretty much enough to…Continue Reading “Facebook: The path to World Domination in 30 infographics”

As a photographer, you have to learn the value of space. Correctly manipulating it will provide a gorgeous image, no matter what the subject is or how much is going on in the photograph. Using space is one of the first things photographers are taught, and you have probably mastered it. But what about negative…Continue Reading “Making the Most of Negative Space: Inspiration”