Discovery in the app store is a tough nut to crack, right? Icon design. App store SEO. Search listings. Chart position. You know these tools. You know how competitive it can get. App store promotion is hard work. But there is another promotional method. It’s not as popular. It’s not as competitive But it has been delivering astounding…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Sell More Apps With Google Adwords”

This is a guest post by Marie Overgaard. who’s in charge of our sister site Mobile Orchard. After spending 10 days with the iPad Mini here is her review of Apple’s latest iPad. Let us know in the comments what is your take. The iPad Mini has been rumored for about as long as the…Continue Reading “10 Days with the iPad Mini”

Recent initiatives have set out to make government data more readily available to information consumers — including app developers. The White House kicked off the federal Open Government Initiative in late 2009. The program calls for agencies to “expand access to information by making it available online in open formats.” Individual efforts under the open…Continue Reading “Application Development Trends: Using Government Data”

For being the height of social technology, a lot of apps are far from impressive when it comes to their launch page. Just think of some of the ugly websites you have seen hosting mobile apps. It is as though the creators have decided that since the program is for a phone instead of directly…Continue Reading “6 Unique iPhone Application Websites To Inspire You”

Mobile operators and handset vendors frequently pre-install third-party apps on their smartphones, and operators sometimes add more later by bundling them in with over-the-air software updates. App distribution is a tricky game, and preloaded apps offer a great way for developers to get their app in front of a lot of people with a single…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Get Your Mobile App in Front of Millions”

Ignorance is not bliss. Just ask any developer who’s been shocked to find review after review of complaints. Worse yet is when users are disgusted enough to abandon or uninstall the app — a 95 percent likelihood — but don’t feel it’s worth their time to explain why in a review or in an email…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Optimize Your Mobile App Through Relevant Analytics”