iOS Design Tools

It is challenging and interesting to be a part of something so rapidly growing as mobile industry. The number of instruments and tools created to help iOS design teams and developers has increased rapidly. We decided to keep track of them and made – a list of tools for creative teams. We’d like to introduce you to some of those instruments, made for different purposes, but all useful in various stages of creative process.

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103% of Americans today own activated phones, which means that many people are carrying two phones or more in this smartphone-centric country. Reportedly, many business people are stuck carrying one strictly-business cell phone and a second personal smartphone for family emergencies and casual calling. This is one reason that forward-thinking companies have reconsidered the BYOD (bring…Continue Reading “The evolution of cell phone coverage”

The fast-paced world of mobile apps may benefit from a software development method that aims to boost efficiency and flexibility: DevOps. DevOps, which borrows concepts from the Agile software movement, seeks to pull together the development and IT operations sides of an organization. That can prove difficult, since developers tend to favor change while operations…Continue Reading “How Will DevOps Impact Mobile App Development?”


It’s one of the biggest mysteries in wireless these days: More people worldwide own Android smartphones and tablets, yet iOS devices often drive the lion’s share of Web traffic from handheld devices. For example, during the first five weeks of 2013, iOS devices drove almost 7 percent of all traffic on non-cellular networks — while…Continue Reading “The Android-iOS Data Disparity”

This is a guest post by Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CTO of Appboy, a customer relationship management platform for mobile applications. Through data, insights, and diagnostic information powered by Appboy’s SDK and served through a web dashboard, the company provides platform users with enhanced channels to interact with and manage relationships with customers. The holidays…Continue Reading “10 Inspired Holiday iPhone Apps”

Search for diabetes in Google Play and you’ll get more than 1,000 apps. The less common affliction of psoriasis has at least 50 apps to choose from. And these are just two examples of the crowded market for healthcare apps. The good news is there are ample opportunities to stand out from the pack, not…Continue Reading “The Overcrowded Healthcare App Market”