As a freelancer, there is nothing I hate more than having to say “No” to a job offer, not only do I fear it could potentially ruin my relationship with the client, but I also can’t stop thinking about the money I could make on the project. However, sometimes you just need to be honest…Continue Reading “It’s ok to say “NO”, turning down jobs can be a daunting task”

Yesterday we introduced you to 10 amazing Edinburgh based illustrators, today we are lucky enough to bring you interviews with two of them. David Mahoney and Vana Coleman were kind enough to answer some of our questions. It was great to get a chance to pick their brains on their illustrative approaches and very unique techniques. David…Continue Reading “Interviews with Edinburgh illustrators – David Mahoney and Vana Coleman”

designers fiesta

World class creatives rejoiced this week with the announcement that the 5th annual Designers Fiesta is set to go ahead in just over a month. Presented by leading digital media training provider Academy Class, the event is pegged as 2014’s hottest industry event for UK based designers and developers. September 12th will see hundreds of…Continue Reading “Upcoming Academy Class event set to attract hundreds of UK design and development pros”

Time and again we have heard that mobile will revolutionize the business world. More than 80% of mobile users carry a smartphone everywhere they go. Mobile marketing is not something you can ignore. Google has been smart enough to develop the most popular smartphone OS and offer it for free. According to estimates Google’s mobile…Continue Reading “Trends in mobile marketing and why you should bother”

Sales and marketing both share something in common which needs to be understood in order to achieve a successful business, and that’s susceptibility and desensitisation. The more you see something unique or strange, the less it becomes a shock to you, as your brain will naturally familiarise itself with the thought of it. As you can…Continue Reading “How to increase sales by understanding the human mind”