So this is the eleventh edition of Be Inspired and boy did I have a lot of bookmarks to get through, I’ve reduced them down as I always do when I have too many, quality over quantity and all that. Quite a few videos this time around with the normal bit of print and the oddities. Got to have a good balance.

Craig Baldwin is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. I can be found on Twitter as well. Welcome to the tenth edition of Be Inspired! This week I seem to have been inspired by abstract paintings…Continue Reading “Be Inspired! (By Everything) 10”

All business writing has one goal and that’s to persuade someone to do something. Whether you’re writing a blog post or sales copy, you want your audience to act. Persuasive writing can often be the most difficult type of writing, especially when the average person is barraged daily by a never-ending flow of information.

This is the eighth edition of Be Inspired and the last one for a fortnight while I’m off on holiday in the Lake District, and there isn’t an Internet connection where I’m staying, I’m sure I’ll cope now I have my shiny iPhone with 3G connection. Anyway, this collection is all nice and full of print, photography, illustration and animation inspiration. Enjoy!