It’s the million dollar question. How long does it take to build a website? Whether you are a business owner who needs a website or a web designer the real answer is probably a little longer than you think. So whichever end you are on make sure you are being realistic when calculating your time…Continue Reading “iNoobs: How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?”

In this latest article in the iNoobs series I thought we should discuss another vital marketing effort, one that may not initially be considered on – the all important domain name! I’ve seen it hundreds of times a new business or venture spends hours upon hours – sometimes days/weeks/months, debating on a domain name, and…Continue Reading “iNoobs: Tips For Selecting A Domain Name”

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In this latest installment of the iNoobs series I thought we would quickly touch upon the issue of marketing, particularly online marketing and SEO (or search engine optimization). My thoughts on the structure of this series would be I would breeze across the big important ideas: [infobox margin_bottom=”0″ margin_top=”0″ border_radius=”all” color=”white” title=””] iNoobs is a…Continue Reading “How Much Do I Really Need To Learn About SEO?”

WordPress has certainly rocketed in popularity in the last few years. I am constantly being told how great it is and a large percentage of clients seeking to move their businesses onto the web or who want to launch a web based business or blog ask about the benefits of WordPress. [infobox margin_bottom=”0″ margin_top=”0″ border_radius=”all”…Continue Reading “iNoobs: How Popular is WordPress?”

Last article we discussed the business of saying “NO!” in web design, this week we’re discussing writing… we’re certainly jumping around in the iNoob series, but keep up, as each of these gems will get you on the path of becoming a master web designer. I feel you can look at web design in 1…Continue Reading “The Importance Of Writing In Web Design”