Being a web designer in today’s society may look basic to some, but keeping up with current trends and best practices is no easy task. That is why it is always good to have a little something extra in your toolbox.  Being from a video background, it always seemed obvious to me that designers would…Continue Reading “HOW TO: use video on your website to improve SEO and conversions”

Sales and marketing both share something in common which needs to be understood in order to achieve a successful business, and that’s susceptibility and desensitisation. The more you see something unique or strange, the less it becomes a shock to you, as your brain will naturally familiarise itself with the thought of it. As you can…Continue Reading “How to increase sales by understanding the human mind”

In order to attract great clients and interesting projects, grow your business or land that job you’ve always dreamed of, you need to show the world your value and make yourself stand out from the crowd. The design arena is a very competitive field, so chances are you should be spending some time and effort…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Market yourself as a designer”

Social media marketing is a valuable means of building your business. Many businesses shy away from from utilizing social media platforms for fear of being talked about negatively on the web. However, this is not at all your biggest problem! Perhaps the worst option for any business in our modern world of fast-paced internet conversations…Continue Reading “HOW TO: create a social media marketing strategy”

A great little ifographic with useful advice for job seekers on how to leverage the power of social media and big data in order to land a great job. I find it very interesting that 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to headhunt professionals but only 38% of job seekers use this network to land gigs. Would…Continue Reading “HOW TO: use social media to improve your job search”

If you’re interested in starting your own business or blog, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress. It’s a flexible platform that allows you to customize it to your own liking. A lot of hosting companies allow WP integration, allowing you to purchase your own domain and have your blog hosted there. After setting up your…Continue Reading “HOW TO: develop your own WordPress plugin”