The colors that represents your brand are often the first thing people see. It is as much of a representation of your brand as your company, product, or service itself. Choosing color defines what your brand stands for as well as the experience customers expect to have while doing business with you. Here is a…Continue Reading “Using Color to Define Your Brand”

Aside from having a responsive email design, words are what email marketers bank on with their campaigns. When crafted carefully and concisely, words are full of promises that can incite a wide range of emotions, feelings, and thoughts from readers – all of whom will be highly encouraged to perform your desired action. However, when…Continue Reading “10 Copywriting commandments for successful email marketing”

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If there’s one thing that’s been made perfectly clear, it’s that social networks are here to stay (at least for awhile). Whether you spend every waking minute updating your Facebook page with your current meal or you run from it like it’s the plague, there’s no denying its existence and what it means for either…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Manage multiple social media accounts”

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When designing a blog, it’s important to remember the basics. Since there’s no alphabet out there for blog design, seeing how it’s a subjective form of organization, you’re going to see plenty of tips and tricks, but look no further than here my friends because I’ve compiled the best ones. Once you’ve learned how to…Continue Reading “10 WordPress design tips for bloggers, and how to apply them to your blog”