If you’re a freelancer or small business operator, you’ve probably found how hard it can be to keep track of your projects, working time, invoices and payments. Today we’re checking out how Paydirt helps you manage all of these, and earn some more coin along the way. Paydirt is a time tracking and billing suite designed…Continue Reading “Introducing Paydirt – Time Tracking and Invoicing for Web Based Professionals”

If you have ever decided to build your own website then you will know that without some sort of a plan or outline you will never get anywhere. What you want to create and what others think you are creating might be two very different things. Everyone knows that the closer to the final product…Continue Reading “HELLO, my name is: Just In Mind”

Today many web professionals are involved in creating websites that should be interesting, unique and visually appealing. In fact, one of the keys to success in any business whether online or off is to appeal to the 5 senses and vision is the most important of those. With that in mind the creators of What…Continue Reading “HELLO, my name is: WhatFont”

With all the file-sharing services out there these days, from Dropbox to Google Drive, it’s easy enough to share massive amounts of data online; but nowhere does this get more messy than between a designer and a client. So it’s great to see OpenBrand’s new Delivery Service – a genuinely cool solution in this particular…Continue Reading “HELLO, my name is: OpenBrand”