How’s it going fellows? Come and get soaked in this month’s cascade of amazing plugins to give your website a nice and fresh belt of  powerful tools. Grab and take all you can like on-the-web command line tools, gaming development resources, placeholders, UI kits, delightful plugins for amazing user experience regarding looks, loading, tips, search,…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers – September 2015”

If you’re looking around for some quality graphic design stuff, you couldn’t have landed in a better place, in this monthly round-up you’ll find the freshest and nicest resources across the web lately released like perspective objects kit, cool and modern UI kits, photorealistic mockups, and amazing photoshop effects, invaluable icons and quite unique fonts….Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – September 2015”

It is no secret that we love the guys at DealJumbo, their deals are often so amazing that it would be a crime not to purchase their bundles. Today we have something even better than a great deal on a bundle, we have three amazing bundles, and the best thing about them is ……THEY ARE…Continue Reading “60+ amazing fonts and mockups for FREE”

Interested in graphic design resources? You’ve reached the perfect spot to sightsee an awesome collection of high-quality round-up of photorealistic and creative mockups, professional-looking UIs, neat print templates, cool and fresh icons, outstanding multi-purposes fonts and designing tools for you to get delighted. Go ahead and fascinate yourself! 40 Outline SVG & Illustrator Icon Set…Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – August 2015”

Here we are again with this mysterious box full of invaluable list of web-dev tools that will boost your developing to outer space, substantial libraries packed with stacks of delightful code in all different flavours JS, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, CSS, and more! And as a main course we’ve served you with quite an interesting…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers – August 2015”

In this monthly edition of our freebies and resources collection for developers, we have come with lots of freebies for you to have fun. Inside you’ll find code snippets, JavaScript frameworks, jQuery plugins, node.js modules, libraries and many more resources that will not only amaze you, but help you big time. Interdimensional: Gyroscope-based Mobile Device…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers – July 2015”