How’s it going mates, check out this new year’s first monthly round up containing fresh as freebies such as a massive bundle of 2015’s best freebies, amazing stationery mockup scenes, vector landscape illustrations, a collection of company vector logo designs, a restaurant menu template, stunning UI kits for mobile and web purposes, a neon light…Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – February 2016”

Hello again! Here you go, have this month’s round-up packed with UX wireframing kits, templates for websites and hand-drawn resume and business cards, mobile and CMS dashboard UI kits, high definiton brushes, retro poster mockups, stacks of icons, cool unique fonts for any purpose, and tons of PSD web templates including a curated collection that…Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – January 2016”

Hello again! We’re back with this great round-up to boost up your coding and web development, you’ll find a 360° panorama video with mouse controls, lightweight APIs for vanillaJS, inline autocompletion for iOS text fields, grid systems, a jQuery carousel and a collection of jQuery galleries, calendar widgets, an input field emoji selector, CSS effects…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers”

Most designers spend a great deal of time to make certain their presentations will appeal to their clients. They, like you, take justifiable pride in the work they do. They’ve also learned how to make the best use of their time, and among the lessons they’ve learned is the advantages that can be gained by downloading…Continue Reading “14+ Beautiful Free Christmas Vectors To Use This Holiday Season”

There is just something very special about December and the holidays, I love when the snow is falling and you get to enjoy time with the family. There are millions of ways to celebrate Christmas but they all have one thing in common, they bring comfort and joy to those celebrating. Christmas is also the time…Continue Reading “30 Wallpapers to spruce up your holiday”

Finding the perfect font to head your project just as important as the actual design of the project, there is no doubt that a bad font can ruin a good web design. As you probably know, we love finding new fonts, and we love sharing them with you guys even more. So if you come across…Continue Reading “20 Free powerful brush fonts”