Sit back, relax, grab a Bud or an iBeer or something and watch the most creative, viral and funny videos & trailers of the week, featuring Gorillaz, the iPhone 4, Johnny Depp and the biggest selection of insults among other cool things!

Just so that we’re all on the same page – a Single Man is a masterpiece. It has everything a film needs to be good. The acting is sublime, the writing superb, everything comes together beautifully. What catapults it into the realm of greatness, however, is the ease with which Tom Ford embraces the visual possibilities of cinema.

So here we are – after the huge anticipation – ready to buy one more “Alice in Wonderland”. Tim Burton’s remixed version of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” seemed to be a great reward for everyone who had patience. But for me this film was only an opportunity to realize that Lewis Carroll…Continue Reading “Filmspiration – Alice in Wonderland”

Last month, Shooting People pulled out all the stops to encourage their filmmakers to enter Mofilm’s Barcelona Ad Competition. It paid off, with eight Shooting People members winning prizes, two coming top and one winning the Grand Prize; this filmmaker is now off to make an ad with ‘Avatar’ producer Jon Landau. As one competition…Continue Reading “Win a Trip to Tribeca Film Festival + a MacBook”

Even though I’m a filmmaker by profession, it’s my firm belief that videogames will be the dominant artform of the 21st century. The adaptation of videogame hits into big spectacle movie blockbusters seems like a logical, straightforward and businesslike endeavor with little room for failure. So how come ALL of the videogame movie adaptations so…Continue Reading “Filmspiration – The Only Successful Videogame Movie Ever”

In this Filmspiration installment we’re curating all the animated shorts nominated for the latest edition of the Oscar Movie Awards, starting with Logorama – this year’s winner! Let us know what you think about this edition of the Oscars, and what’s your favorite short movie.