We invited our friends from Geefts – the gifts for geeks bible – to make a sellection of must-have movies for true film geeks. Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Universally recognized as the Master of Suspense, the legendary Alfred Hitchcock directed some of cinema’s most thrilling and unforgettable classics. Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection ($224)…Continue Reading “Geefts: A Selection of 9 Must Have Films for Geeks”

If you are a fan of typography , you will love the Internet. There are plenty of examples of amazing 3-D typography videos all over the web, most offering inspiration to the designers who love to see others’ works. If you are one of those who likes getting a peek into the process of other…Continue Reading “10 Great 3-D Typography Videos”

This year’s edition of the Oscars has passed, but we thought that it would be nice if we selected some of the most interesting infographics about the wonderful world of cinema. And that’s a huge task, especially if we consider that some sagas – like Star Wars or Harry Potter – have so many infographics…Continue Reading “Celebrating The 83rd Oscar Awards With 83 Amazing Infographics”

Whenever a new Twilight movie comes out, I die a little inside. Why? Because I know that the movie will make a disgustingly large amount of money, despite the quality of the film. I made an attempt to watch the first movie and couldn’t do it. The filmmakers have also discovered that they don’t even have to promote it.

Project Runway is a boutique reality of sorts, featuring people with actual skills. They are designers who are forced to be innovative under tight deadlines and with shoestring budgets. They often have to design for clients with the most specific and (often) ridiculous demands. Sound familiar?

The year is 2010, and Vimeo.com has planted the first annual seed of the Vimeo Festival and Awards, which provides filmmakers with the opportunity to win $25,000, and more importantly, an opening to expand the audience of their film, beyond just family and friends. Cinema demands an audience; the artist creates film, video, and animation…Continue Reading “2010 Vimeo Festival: Interview with Blake Whitman, Vimeo Founder”