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Going to start this with a shameless plug – my name is Huw Martin i’m a student studying Digital Media, i’m a fan of all things Apple, technological and pretty. If you like what you read please, please, please check out my blog for more technology/design news and reviews. Now, I confess, I’m an advocate of form over function, Calvetica though is an undeniable exception to the rule: it works like for iOS, but it looks sexy. Calvetica has a minimal, uncluttered interface making it a breeze to browse and get things done, and most of all; it uses Helvetica, can’t get much better than that!

I initially bought Calvetica based solely on it’s dashing looks like a lot of people did, but having used it for a couple of weeks now I think it really is one of the best app’s i’ve ever used. I used to structure my day around on my iPod Touch: adding school classes, to-do’s, and even television shows I wanted to watch as events. Calvetica though is heads and shoulders above and its main feature of adding an event in ‘just two quick taps’ has meant I use it so much more now, all you have to do is tap the time slot, write an event name, and your done! It sounds sad but with the beautiful vivid interface of Calvetica I actually enjoy looking at my events. This love for viewing my events is helped by the incorporation of the slick week event view, allowing you to view all your events for the week in a back-to-basics but amazing and vivid interface.

Week Event View in Calvetica.

The week event view isn’t the only way to browse the months events though. The month view contains the same vivid interface allowing you tell from a glance how many events you have and what calendar they’re from (work, home etc.) again making it so much easier to use than with it’s single bland marker for days with events. With the year’s written at the top followed by months listed below you can also flick from month to month, year to year with ease. The day view also mustn’t be forgotten, showing you the days events as well as allowing you to seamlessly flick from day to day, it’s so easy it’s addictive.

Daily View: Add An Event In Just Two Easy Taps.

Calvetica really prides itself in making calendar use as easy as it possibly can be, tap, write, and your done – you’ve just made an event. Of course though, if an event needs a little more detail you’ll feel right at home managing an event with the event editor, it looks exactly like Calvetica also includes all those great little features we now expect from a calendar application: alerts, all day events, almost instant Google Calendar syncing, and of course, as you’d expect, they’re well implemented and look amazing.

Spot the Difference, I'm Struggling.

Of course though, it isn’t just a minimalist interface and a (really) nice font, it’s fun, it’s elegant, it’s functional, it’s everything you could want from a calendar application; and it’s completely won me over. A great job by the guys at Mysterious Trousers, and a bargain at $2.99, Calvetica is a great example of how sometimes the default applications aren’t always the best and at version 3.0; Calvetica definitely still has room to grow. If your in the mood for a change, out with the old in with the new and such – Calvetica might be the new years resolution you actually keep. Check it out now in the App Store for $2.99, or try before you buy with the ‘Narrow’ version which is completely free. Enjoy.

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I’m a student studying Digital Media and an avid fan of all things Apple, technological and pretty. If you like what you read check out my blog at for more technology/design news and reviews.

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