Business Cards: The Thriving Prints of The Digital Age

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We keep hearing about the agony of the print age and the booming digital age. Moreover, we see it everywhere, so no breaking news here. But we couldn’t help noticing that there is one small (literally!) piece of print which is thriving, no matter what: the business card! In the age of data visualization, where CVs are turned into infographics, and tons of statistics are scaled down to a conglomeration of wisely arranged colorful bubbles, the business card – this sleek convenience and timeless memory aid – is looking better than ever.

Touch & Linger

The printed business card has come a long way since the days of the black text on white stock. Nowadays, the layout and the artwork are essential. The same can be said about the chosen texture and the printers used, because a business card can be experienced even through the fingertips. The material used is just as important as the concept and the copy. Take for instance a gloss coating. It enriches the full color printing by providing depth, and protects the ink from fading and moisture. A satin matte finish is smooth, ideal for writing on, while a spot UV coating works miracles with logos. After all, who doesn’t want high quality print products that look and… feel great?

Small is Beautiful

These days it’s very common for a professional business card to include at least one element of striking visual design. This element needs to be unique and carefully picked. It has to be pure essence and encapsulate that flavor with power to win (new) ‘fans’. That’s why a high-quality business card is the work of proper artists using visualization techniques taken to impressive standards. This is your image and the beginning of what should be a beautiful friendship or a lasting partnership.

Panache and Adaptability

A business card is a friendly wink, a handshake, it’s the second glance at a person you’ve just met and the first step to a second meeting, a phone call, or a business idea. It goes into your pocket and stays with you. It demands attention because it’s a simple timeless invitation to keep in touch. The good news is that at any time you can choose from hundreds of professionally designed business card templates. Because of fast and easy to use services, these cards can be on your desk in a matter of hours, with companies offering free business card templates such as spot UV coating or gloss finish and no charge for uploading your own business card design or images.

On your desk, the business card is the alternative to the little black dress or the Bond tux in your closet. Put a smile on your face, some confidence in your pocket, and the card somewhere handy. You’re definitely much closer to keeping all eyes on you. But make sure you demand nothing less than perfection from your business card provider. Make sure you pick the best.

image credit: vectomart / 123RF Stock Photo

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