Building a website or portfolio? 7 tools to use

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Finding the best of anything can be a time consuming task; especially when you are confronted with large numbers of somewhat similar items to sift through. This can also be true of website building tools. There are many good ones on the market, but it can take some effort to find the best among them.

We’ve done that for you. Our picks are based on portability, affordability, ease of use, and those features that will enable you to create and customize your web designs as you see fit.

Since none of these tools require coding knowledge, they will save you design time and the money you might otherwise have to spend for development. With any of these tools, there is little to keep you from producing superior results in a short time. These tools are hassle-free, and you can expect a definite uptick in productivity.

Six of these tools features drag and drop editing and one is based on a Lego building approach. Each comes with imaging editing features, and templates, layouts, or pre-built websites, and typography options. You will find the tastefully designed, responsive layouts these tools bring with them to be especially helpful if visual design does not happen to be one of your strong suits.



Cornerstone was originally released as the spotlighted feature in a major upgrade of a premium Themeco theme. To say this page builder was a success would be a huge understatement. It was so popular, that Themeco was decided to market it as a standalone product which it will release soon.

At the time Cornerstone was launched for X Theme, few website designers knew the advantages of frontend editing. They did not recognize the significant improvements in time saved, and the increase in productivity that could be realized, nor were they aware of how frontend editing would lead to superior results.

Cornerstone’s greatest strength is its interactive edit and preview displays. They allow real time editing and previewing, and let you make changes and corrections on the fly. You no longer have to put up with the repetitive cycle or edit, save, review, and change.

Cornerstone has other attractive features too, but whether or not you are familiar with frontend editing, you will love this tool.



SnapPages is another web or portfolio building tool with a great deal to offer. It’s modern and efficient HTML5 page builder lives up to this tools namesake; it makes page and website building a snap. You’ll like the modern designs that are included in the package, and how easy they make it to create awesome mobile websites, blogging sites, and portfolios.

Cloud hosting ensures SnapPages loads rapidly, and responds almost instantaneously. Included in the package are the plugins you will need to integrate your website with social media. There’s also touchscreen functionality.

A tablet may not be the ideal platform for building an entire website, but it’s nice to be able to make a change, or incorporate a thought, while you are out and about; or serve in a pinch if your PC should suddenly misbehave. The Pro version is $12 a month, but you can take trial run of SnapPages for free!



XPRS by IM Creator offers 500+ themes to get you on your way to building a website that is guaranteed to tempt viewers to stick around. The innovative approach XPRS takes involves working with “stripes”.

You simply select themes and cut them into individual stripes. Mix and match these customizable stripes to create a preliminary layout. Your website design possibilities are bounded only by your own sense of creativity. It’s like playing with Lego blocks. Building a website is both easy and fun.

An eCommerce site is completely free, it is always responsive, and building an online store is a super-fast process.

The white label plan is extremely popular with web designers who serve multiple clients. It offers a designer the ability to create an unlimited number of websites for an annual fee of $250. If you expect to be serving more than a few clients, the cost per website can be anywhere from low to negligible. There is also a commercial plan available at $7.95/month.


Creating a well-structured, professional portfolio is not the easiest of web design tasks. Doing so requires a great deal of thought, both in terms of the content, and in structure. takes care of the mechanics, so all you need to be concerned with is the content. This portfolio-building tool will help you with the presentation of your content as well. is a frontend drag and drop tool that offers an excellent selection of templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Sign up for their 14-day trial. It’s free!

Divi Builder


Divi has long been one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. The addition of Divi Builder, one of the most innovative page building tools you will find anywhere, made it even more so. This page builder fully satisfies the criteria outlined up front, including portability. You can use Divi builder with any WordPress theme.

Visit ElegantThemes Divi Builder’s website. On the home page you’ll find an invitation to view the demo that shows how easy this design tool is to use.

Themify Builder


Themify Builder is also a frontend, drag and drop editing tool. It is a powerful and portable design tool that you can use with any WordPress theme. This highly productive tool is a tremendous time saver, no coding is involved, and you can see your design progress in real time.

Themify Builder offers a number of other useful features, including 40 professional, pre-designed layouts to speed up your web design process, animations, and parallax scrolling.



Portfoliobox may be the last in our list, but it’s certainly not the least. We like this tool a lot because of the effortless approach a web designer can take to quickly create a well-structured, professional looking online portfolio. Thanks in part to its library of trend-setting templates, you don’t have to worry about writing a single line of code.

You can create blogs, galleries, and even eCommerce sites. Get started with a free account. You can check out the price plans later.


We hope you have found just what you’ve been looking for from our list. Each of these tools is easy to use, portable, and affordable, with a couple of free offerings to be found in the mix.

While two of our selections are oriented more toward portfolio building, any one of these seven can be used for the same purpose. Conversely, the portfolio building tools can be applied to the creation of practically any type of website you have a need for, including eCommerce websites.

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