BrandMurder: Redesign a Murdered Brand and Win a MacBook Pro, Xbox & Wii

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Don’t worry! Brand Murder is not another I just added you to my ninja family Twitter game. It’s a fun contest (organized by the creative gang from Brandstack) where you can grab a MacBook Pro, Xbox, Wii, and a lot more by redesigning a famous logo.

About Brandstack


Brandstack is an amazing service – it was founded in 2008 as a way to help entrepreneurs get a professional brand for their company without breaking the bank. Basically they invited designers from all over the world to sell their unused designs at a price that start-ups can afford. An entrepreneur can browse the amazing brands on the site, choose the one that suits them, get it customized by the original designer and download the files. Itʼs quick, value for money and some of the brands even come with their own domain names for a great head start. All brands are original and removed from the site once sold.

Brand Murder


The new BrandMurder, brought to you by Brandstack, is a lot of things. It’s a contest, a mantra… but most of all it’s a contest aimed at aspiring designers. Even better, it’s a fun contest. The competition is now open for designers to redesign 10 of the most famous logos in the world. Voting ends on October 21st at 11:59 AM CST, so submit your designs early.
You can support the BrandMurder project by tweaking your avatar here. We did ;]



There will be a voting system in place to determine the best/most popular design. If that design happens to be yours, you will win it all. Literally, a single winner gets all the 10 prizes. Awesome!

Enter to Win

Redesign murdered brands, get the most votes, win a MacBook Pro, Xbox 360 Elite, Wii and much more -> Engage!

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