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As the next evolution of the Internet, the social Web is such a massively diverse and dynamic atmosphere that simply refuses to rest. What began as a casual conduit for the masses to connect with one another, logically progressed into a largely adapted standard even on the business segment.

But while these businesses have standardized their own specific processes, implementations and social media strategies, it’s also crucial to adapt to the freshest trends and technologies. These not only provide your company with countless ways to jumpstart your online traction, and invigorate your existing marketing plan’s progress.

Here are four technologies (and some not-so new ones) that you can utilize that can definitely help boost your business’ social media reach.


For those not in the know, HTML5 is the next iteration of the Internet’s code base. But while it’s yet to be formally established as the Web standard, it’s already in wide use among popular Web sites given its new features that are significantly beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Among the new updates are specific tags and attributes for multimedia and graphical elements that can help you better deliver your content to your site visitors without needing to install additional browser extensions or plug-ins for playback.

Moreover, HTML5 also offers an optimized set of features that enable search engines like Google and Bing to easily index your Web site or blog. This, of course, ramps up your brand’s visibility and increases its discoverability online, helping you engage with your targeted demographic and reach out to untapped segments.

Mobile Tech

Mobility has become an important part of most businesses, and it will prove to be among the most valuable tools in your social media arsenal. You can leverage on a variety of wireless connectivity options, your phone’s set of features, and many available apps to accomplish multiple tasks even when offsite. This can run from simple content creation, stat tracking, site maintenance, and account management, among many others—all can help make your regular workload a cinch to complete.

For the front-end, you’ll need a mobile site specially optimized for smartphones to increase your presence on the mobile Web (check out Mobify, WPtouch). You can also take advantage of mobile phones’ capabilities and integrate them into your social media marketing campaigns. Features like geolocation, augmented reality, mobile apps, text messaging, voice capabilities, and the built-in camera are among the most common features being utilized by social media marketers today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of today’s most progressive technologies that continue to drive businesses forward. It offers companies with ways to expand their businesses, offer value-added products and services, and enhance their accessibility. This will also effectively trim down your IT costs, significantly reducing the expenses usually relegated to purchasing and maintaining of natively hosted hardware, and the acquisition of software licenses.

And it can be a great route for your company to take that will expand both the delivery of your services, better the campaign management and tracking, and can invigorate how you can engage with your potential customers.

From the back-end, you have cloud-hosted word processors with multi-user collaborative capabilities, online storage, and a handful of apps that can help you track your progress and manage every aspect of your campaign. And on the front-end, you can integrate the use of various apps for engaging with your followers. You can even create your own specifically developed to up your branding efforts, and make sure you get to specifically reach your goals.

Social Media Sites

Just because Facebook and Twitter are the most popular sites out there, it doesn’t mean they’re the only ones your brand should be on. While the aforementioned social networking giants can get you a lot of attention from your demographic, they can only do so much as far as capabilities are concerned. And as creative and as innovative as your marketing ideas are, this can limit your campaign’s progress and stem your brand’s growth online.

To get the most out of the Web, updating your social media arsenal can be the best thing you’ll do for your business. Out there you’ll find other channels for carrying your marketing strategies, some better than others, but it’s important to keep in mind exactly what it is you intend to achieve. For this, you may consider including sites like YouTube, Tumblr, Yelp or even Formspring — that is if their features and user base truly address your needs.

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