Be Inspired! (By Everything) 17

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This is the 17th release of Be Inspired. As I type I’m sort of snowed in which is a bit of a nuisance but then that’s Winter for you, or Summer if you’re in a different hemisphere. Anyway this week is jam packed with print, video, packaging and other oddities.

Jonathan Safran Foer: Tree of Codes

“Jonathan Safran Foer, deftly deploys sculptural means to craft a truly compelling story. In our world of screens, he welds narrative, materiality, and our reading experience into a book that remembers that it actually has a body.” /via swissmiss

Chris Burden: Metropolis II

“Metropolis II is a kinetic art installation by Chris Burden featuring 1,200 Hot Wheels. It includes 1,200 custom-designed cars and 18 lanes; 13 toy trains and tracks; and, dotting the landscape, buildings made of wood block, tiles, Legos and Lincoln Logs.” /via Colossal

GrandArmy: Helvetica Movie Poster

“Helvetica Documentary Screening at Euro RSCG Worldwide NY.”

Tres Tipos Gráficos: Madrid 2016 Books

“These booklets summarize the Madrid proposal submitted for each discipline in the face of the Olympic games of 2016. Each book is given to the federations to consider the proposal and has endorsed its approval. The books contain very detailed information on sites that are devoted to competitive sports, calendar of competitions, maps of the nomination and general information on the concept and legacy of the Games in Madrid 2016.” /via Lovely Package

Marque: The Nolitan

“Nolita – ‘North of Little Italy’ – is your neighborhood in New York and The Nolitan Hotel is your home when you’re there. At the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth Streets, The Nolitan Hotel is the first luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan to open in this authentic New York City neighbourhood.” /via September Industry

Alex Queral: Carved Phone Books

“Taking an ordinary phone book, Alex Queral carves a face into this object of so many faceless names.” /via Colossal

Bonnier: News+ Concept

“Watch a demonstration of News+, Bonnier’s new tablet concept for the daily newspaper.” /via Fubiz

Mika Kañive: Frts & Ygrt

“With fresh and delicious fruits, the yogurt tastes better. That’s idea of this product, having the same portions for those who want more fruit than the tipical yogurt, just half and half. This pack could be re-used as a glass and the impact to ecology is reduced with this materials (glass and carton). The name FRTS & YGRT, taking out the letters, the product could be read the same in English as in Spanish. The logo takes reference of the pack, clear and simple.” /via Packaging of the World

Vanessa Jam: Infographic UFO Zine

“An infographic zine about UFOs, inspired by scientific journals and looney ufologists alike. Full of hard data and statistics, glitches, and conspiracies. 8″ x 10.5″, 48 pages, printed on newsprint.” /via FPO

Lowe Brindfors: The Lottery Of Life

“A new and highly successful campaign for the organization Save the Children around the theme of the hazards of life and the lottery of inequality in the world.” /via Fubiz

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