Be Inspired! (By Everything) 15

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Craig Baldwin is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. He can be found on Twitter as well.

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Be Inspired! There’s plenty of print, packaging, illustrator and videos to get your teeth into this week. I’ve introduced sources this time around as I feel it’s important to credit the site that I originally found the work on. Enjoy!

Future Shorts: The Black Hole

“A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole – and then greed gets the better of him…” But why would he throw himself all the way into it? /via SwissMiss

Pei-San Ng: Matches

“I am intrigued and mesmerized by the in-between state and by the fragility of the burned matches. The in-between is where the excitement happens, the point where the red heads turns to white before turning to ash, it’s the tipping point.” /via This Is Colossal

Fallon: Skoda Fabia Ad

This ain’t no piece of cake son. A new take on the meaner side of the Skoda Fabia follows the previous smash hit; the cake car. I do enjoy this one advert but I’m just not sure if it actually fits in with the brand and besides, that car really doesn’t look all that mean. /via Creative Review

Oliver Meier: Biodegradable Light bulb Packaging

“Light bulb packaging 100% made from biodegradable materials (paper from egg carton, no ink and zero glue used.” /via Packaging Of The World

Excuses Design Collective: Beep! Beep!

“We wanted to illustrate the ridiculousness of the song by setting the line “We Freak in My Jeep” in type that was inspired by the Gutenberg Bible, and then taking it a step further and flocking it with nonpareil sprinkles. We took the cuteness up yet another notch by adding the sound effect “Beep! Beep!” in gloss varnish.” /via FPO

Rudd Studio: Channel 4 Branding 2010

“We’ve just finished working on a brand update for Channel 4 in the UK. The new look went live on 22nd October 2010. We put together an edit with examples of the work, and made our own music for it.” They’ve always had outstanding branding C4 and this continues this tradition. /via Creative Review

Grid: The Takeaway Box

“Ashwin created a new campaign at The Bertie Agency for a London-based office refurbishment company – the takeaway box. With the company offering they “deliver the office you want”, a direct mail piece was created in the form of a typical Chinese takeaway box.” /via @GridLondon

Good Apples: TEDxBoulder

“The collateral was created to promote and be distributed at the inauguralTEDxBoulder conference. We were required to work within the brand guidelines provided by TED, but wanted to create something that felt distinct from the parent conference. By extracting the “x” from the logomark and using it as a visual element throughout the pieces we were able to implement a simple solution that adhered to the guidelines provided by TED but felt unique to the Boulder event.” /via FPO

Everynone: WORDS and Re:WORDS

I’ll be honest, I missed the first video when it originally came out but the new sequel has given me a chance to find it and it’s well worth a watch, even if you watched it when it originally came out three months ago. /via Boooooooom!

Craig is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. Connect with him on Twitter.