Be Inspired! (By Everything) 04

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Craig Baldwin is a recently graduated graphic design student at the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design.

In this the fourth edition of Be Inspired I’ve tried to inject a bit more variety into the work I select. Last week I realised that a lot of it was typography and layout and wasn’t really living up to the By Everything part of my mission to bring you inspiration. So I’ve kept my mind a bit more open to unusual things and I hope you enjoy the results. I get through about 200 items each day from FFFFound, Design You Trust, Graphic Exchange and many more. If you feel you have some great work to share then feel free to email me; craigsbaldwin [at] gmail [dot] com.

Always With Honor: Wired Italia

I just really like the simplicity of this typographic representation of each country with text size depending on the country’s peace index rating backed up by a lovely colour scheme.

Tim Vinke: The Kruikantoor

Well this is an interesting approach to the concept of a portable office, your desk and chairs all fit together and can then be wheeled off to your next destination. Wonder what happens to it in the rain…

Page The Magazine

Here are a few choice spreads from Page the “aesthetic-driven high style magazine”, they aim to create an object you would desire to collect and from what I can see of the magazine they’ve certainly achieved this.

Eric Hu: Deja Phantasma

Design and branding for an exhibition on human sensory disorder, I’d be interested to know how he felt the identity reflected the subject but the visuals are inviting nonetheless.

Fulvio Bonavia: A Matter Of Taste

Yummy fashion. Or not, depends if you like your veg.

Ian Stevenson: Stare Into The Sun

Well erm, what can I say; it’s a bit of an odd animated music video, it’s certainly not the highest quality animation I’ve seen, but there’s something endearing about it.

Valeria Maggiani

From what I can understand from the poorly automatically translated text this artist uses laboratory equipment to create her works by growing mold under a microscope into specific patterns. Must be a pretty slow and tedious process to get it right but amazing all the same.

Hattie Newman: The Fedrigoni Mountains

My love for tactile paper craft is second only to my love of print and layout and this whole paper mountainside is a perfect example of why I love it so much. Unlike digital works you really get a sense of how long it must have taken the creator of this paper craft piece, lots of lovely little details to admire as well.

QusQus: Self-Promo Mailer

Couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t keep away from a bit of beautiful print. The simple typography and well executed two colour print wins this for me.

160 Over 90: Loyola University Maryland

I’m not really a fan of newspapers, they print yesterday’s news and don’t care for their own format. It’s this format; newsprint that has so much potential that start ups like Newspaper Club are exploring. This ‘newpaper’ was created to use the unvarnished paper to convey an unvarnished message about life at College and it’s not your usual College advertising.

Marc Thomasset: Inspiration Pad

Talking of College; here’s a notepad, but not your usual sort. A clever exploration of what you could do with the perceived norm of a notepad.

Sam Javanrouh: Stars And Planes

A nice short time lapse of Toronto to finish off with. Hope you enjoyed this week’s article. See you next week.

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Craig is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. Connect with him on Twitter.