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Craig Baldwin is a recently graduated graphic design student at the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design.

Welcome to the second edition of Be inspired, a inspiring collection of the best graphic design, illustration and everything else out on the Internet. Each day I check my feeds and filter through hundreds of items from FFFFound, Design You Trust, FPO and many more.

Sure you could find all the work featured here yourself but not everyone has the time nowadays, so I do it for you.


Part of the designer against child slavery project these beautifully rendered illustrations are the work of Chatchanok Wongvachara, there’s plenty more drawings if you click the link. And yes of course it is all hand drawn.

Stuff & Things

Now this is a bit of an odd video, as the title probably gives away there’s no real rhyme or reason to what’s in this video but I do really love the illustrative style; the simple isometric, vibrant vectors always looks so appealing. Done as part of a University project by Jack Cunningham.

1.1 Architects Brochure

Designed by COÖP for 1.1 Architects this brochure is held together by a rubber band so it can be easily expanded with new work, I really enjoy the unusual typography with that good old underline and block black background as a ‘highlight’. Check out the rest of their work for even more unusual books.

Studio MalotaProjects

What instantly springs to mind when I see these illustrations is Hvass&Hannibal which is no bad thing; it’s the textured, gradient vector illustrations. They’ve gone and done some unusual things so it’s nice to just see illustrations again with plenty of vivid colours.


TOT-a-LOT specialises in baby clothing for twins, each of their boxes contains clothes for two but what I really love is the simplistic brown cardboard paired with the white type which reminds me of the Where The Wild Things Are movie posters.

John Mattos Illustration

I really like the Futurist movement so seeing modern day illustration in this style is a real pleasure.

Ladmmi, L’ecole De Danse Contemporaine Materials

Among the materials designed by this brochure is my favourite. Personally I’m a very big fan of printing on uncoated paper, coated glossy paper just doesn’t do it for me but this brochure is beautiful to behold. And it even features my favourite font; DIN. Win, win.

The Music Scene

Prepare to go slightly insane, I’m not quite sure how animator Anthony Francisco Schepperd went about visualising this in his head but it’s definitely worth a watch.


I always try to open my mind to things that would fall off my beaten path and this is certainly something different, it’s the play between black line and vibrant colour that got my attention, the same sort of impact that De Stijl has on me.

Craig is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. Connect with him on Twitter.

  • Those are really interesting designs, I think that one at the end is pretty cool.

  • cool projects. keep it up!

  • MC

    All of them are interesting designs and they represent different subjects. Those are nice random pictures to observe.