25 Fresh and Brilliant Services, Tools and Web Apps for Designers & Developers – November edition

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Everyone is always looking for ways to make their life easier, more enjoyable, or to simply have more free time. Fortunately, these days there are thousands of web applications, services & websites out there that do all of that and more, and are perfect for trying something new. We’ve saved you the trouble of finding them, and below you have a selection of the coolest stuff out in November.

Mighty Deals

In the past, designers had to search through an endless list of websites in the hopes of finding a hidden gem of a deal, and even then it was difficult to trust the source. At Mighty Deals we offer a one-stop shop for creative professionals and trusted merchants to meet and reach out to each other, quickly and easily. We offer unbelievable deals and discounts for creative professionals. The deals include products and services that are heavily discounted, usually from 50% to 90% off.


AppSumo is like GroupOn for web apps. AppSumo is offering $1,543 worth of Bad Ass Developer products and services like Twilio, Heroku, Recurly and MongoHQ for only $47. In the bundle they are offering six months of SendGrid’s e-mail deliverability service, valued at $479. There has never been a software bundle like this exclusviely for developers and hackers.

Curio 7

Curio 7 is the newest version of the Curio app for Mac, which allows for better organization of creative projects. This version adds a bunch of new features, and is easier to use than previous versions.


RailsWizard simplifies the creation of new Rails apps, by using a wizard to walk you through setting up the initial elements of your app. You can enter everything from the Database/ORM to the JavaScript framework and plugins to the templating engine and more.


We make DNS simple with low cost hosted DNS, an easy to use web interface and a REST API for automation. With DNSimple, hosted DNS has never been this simple.


Shar1t allows simple & easy file uploading and sharing.

The Square Grid

The Square Grid is a new CSS framework that works based on 35 equal-width columns. It also provides a 28px baseline-grid for smooth vertical rhythm.

Brush Lovers

BrushLovers has one of the largest collections of exclusive and high-quality Photoshop brushes on the Web. We feature hundreds of Photoshop brushes that are free for both personal and commercial use. You won’t find this collection anywhere else! We also have a beautiful selection of premium brushes selling from only $3, or you can purchase download brush packs for even less. Our brushes are meticulously crafted with hours of work going into each and every shape. They’re all high-resolution, and perfect for both Web and print design.


GmbhNews Mobile

GmbhNews Mobile is a mobile site creation tool to help publishers create and monetize their mobile sites in less than 2 minutes. The mobile tool is disruptively easy to use and is one of the best solutions on the market if you don’t want to deal with html/css/js coding or other plugins. While the service cost $9 on the basic plan, it comes with a 30 days free trial and allow you to monetize your mobile traffic, and even earn more revenue than you spend to create the mobile site. If you can copy and paste, you can create your mobile site, it takes less than 2 minutes and you have full 30 days to see if it’s something for you.


jMockups lets you design pixel perfect website mockups before you write a single line of HTML orCSS.


Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey software.


Hardtree is a powerful web based management software for intelligent business. Beautiful use of CSS. Clean layout and stunning typography.


HOTforms123 offers a free Online Flash Form Builder that makes creating and personalizing web form templates a snap. Our exclusive Flash Form Builder and Editor allows you to add cool stuff like background music (mp3), audio and voice messages, pictures, video or (swf) animation to any web form. Never, ever write a single line of code!


GrabSomeDeals.com is a modern daily-deals website for Windows software where you can purchase applications at high discounted price directly from their developers. Grabsomedeals is the first of its kind that allow users to help their friends save money by recommending deals and get rewarded for that.

Each day a new great product is featured at a substantial discount for a period of 3 days for standard users and 15 days for premium members.

WOLF Frameworks

Founded in 2006, WOLF Frameworks offers a pure cloud based Platform available “as-a-Service” (PaaS) which enables businesses & professionals to design & deliver highly customized business applications as Software as a Service (SaaS) without writing a single line of technical code.

First of its kind, offered over the web, the Cloud Computing Platform fundamentally revolutionizes the way companies can access business software OnDemand, manage change, lower cost and unlock their intellectual potential by rapidly transforming ideas as deployed applications & in turn increase SaaS adoption worldwide.


Coderloop is a community of awesome coders who have fun challenging their skills by solving hard puzzles with real code.


SubHub is a fully managed website builder aimed at empowering content creators to publish online and generate multiple revenue streams from their content.

SubHub eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming custom design, whilst giving much greater flexibility than basic blogging services. A website can be built in under five minutes and new functionality can be added using drag and drop Apps. No technical skills are needed.

An API and designer sandbox ensures a website is infinitely expandable and future-pro


EtherCodes let you share and collaborate codes with other peers in real-time, with simply a web browser.

MobStac B!

MobStac B! makes it dead simple for long-tail publishers and bloggers to create mobile sites for free in less than 5mins, thus helping them reach their audience over mobile browsers across a wide-range of devices.

Given the fragmented device market and widely differing capabilities across, MobStac B! solves a key challenge in reaching the widest audience across the world.


While there are many freelancing websites, the rewards on these websites are so low (often less than $10/hour) that good developers find them unattractive.

CanYouCode wants to help brilliant talent find work that rewards them fairly for their skills.

It is important that CanYouCode does not become another low-end freelancing website. Which means that we need to keep low quality competition out. We manually verify all companies which offer services here. Like how good their team is. Or maybe look at their Open Source contributions. And whether they have a standards-compliant, well-designed website.

We made this for people who are passionate about code and design. This emphasis on quality will be what makes this website appealing to people posting projects. Which in turn benefits those offering services.

The quality of median developers should be higher than other freelancing sites.

To help use scale better, we intend to bring crowdsourcing into quality control. Though, we are not sure how to implement this in way that guarantees fairness and avoids collusion.


buzztouch is an open source iPhone and Android content management software. Powerful tools to help folks build iPhone and Android apps – for FREE. Create an app online, download the source code, compile it, then distribute it in the App Store or the Android Market.


Grapholite is a full featured online flow charting solution. Product has modern Office 2010 style UI, works in all browsers on Win and Mac and can export results to the most commonly used picture and document formats.



Founded in 2006 and based in Boston, Webiva is a Performance Inbound Marketing Platform (PiMP) that provides companies with high-performing websites, blogs, online communities and e-commerce shops. It provides businesses with a competitive edge by helping to optimize SEO, convert leads and increase profits. Webiva.com is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting platform that allows web professionals to quickly and easily build custom websites that drive business and leads. It is the first and only web 2.0 open-source Ruby on Rails content management system (CMS) built from the ground up with a designer’s and a developer’s needs in mind.

That;s it people. Did you find something cool lately?