The Most Creative 40 Newcomers in the Design Blog Community

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Over the last 12 months we’ve been featuring great new blogs in the creative field every now and then, so now we can list no more – no less than 40 amazing blogs you shouldn’t miss no matter what. Please share your opinions and other suggestions in the comments. And while you’re here make sure you check The Most Creative 50 WordPress Themes of 2009

Learn Something Everyday


Creative Applications


Design Informer


Little Box of Ideas


Information is Beautiful


Brand Freeze


Design Feedr


Creative Cox


Design Investigator


Design Finds Me


Useful Tools


Paper Leaf


Soul Pancake


The Pro Designer


Freelance Shack


A Way Back


Visual Compelxity




Made in England




Design Critique


Social Media Examiner




Designer Interviews


Appboy Blog


New Work


Echo Enduring


iGraphics Explained


Wall Stats


Tokyo Fashion






Bit Rebels


Tripping Words


Drifting Creatives


Cats Who Blog




Great Web Apps


Great Web Apps is a live collection of the greatest web apps

Dustin Curtis


Anthony Licari




db db


Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Great list here, I haven’t seen most of them yet! Checking them out right now!

  • I’ve been thinking about a similar post lately, guess you beat me to it..hope to add my site to the list some day..

  • Nice List, Bookmarked ! :)

  • Nice list, but it seems as if is no longer in existence. It forwards to Kayla’s personal site. Not sure why though. Just letting you know!

  • James

    I think you missed out … Inspirational blog for designers

  • Great list. Congratulations! Peace.

  • Great !

  • Though I normally avoid commenting on link posts, but this one actually helped me by telling me about blogs I can look up for help for my own blog’s roadmap.
    Thank you.

  • Joe

    Great collection, I’ve personally enjoyed following Coolvibe as well (at

    You should do more of these posts, people are always looking for new inspiration, new sites to check out.

  • Awesome list, thanks very inspiring :)

  • Nice list, thanks! I should start my own soon too, I’ll let you know ;)

  • Great list..Thank you

    Hope to be in this kind of a list one day:)

  • Your post is very well crafted and it is a good list for reference. Thanks a lot.

  • Wow! Great post and some interesting finds here! I am definitely going to venture into some of these, already subscribed to appboy for my iPhone news but cheers!

  • Nice! Checkout, needs a bit of a design update but the content is great.

  • Nice list!…thanks for including

  • Suggest you include: Success Secrets of the Graphic Design Superstars:

  • very good list, may be next time i may be added in this category.. | nice list

  • Great round-up. And good way to find new, interesting blogs to read.

    There are some gems here, definitely…

  • Great list, love the design of DBDB

  • Some blog added to my follow list, thank you.

  • Great list of blogs. Sorry to see I didn’t make the list :(

  • Thanks for the featuring Tripping Words. My favourite iin that list would have to be Cats Who Blog. They have loads of informative articles and insightful opinions.

  • Oh great…. I’ll get even less work done now I’m subscribing to alot of these guys!

    Great list though!

  • cool list of Design Blog Communities. thanks

  • Great List. Thanks for the include!

  • I would like to appear in this list in a few months… Have to keep inspiring…

    Thanks a lot for the list… I wasnt aware of a few.. while are really good…

  • Loved the theme of

  • Great list thanks! Some of these sites have great themes (custom i assume)

  • Great List!, most of them are new for me. Definitely gonna check out some!

  • My favorite is Dustin Curtis. Maybe in a month or so I’ll make it to one of these lists :( haha.

  • I second Lookslikegooddesign. Absolutely a must- bookmark-and-check-regularly!

  • Steve Thomas

    Yay for freelance shack! These guys just got started and it seem to be a useful blog.

  • Nice list. Not saying that my blog should also included in the list. It should be included only if its creative and professional :)

  • Very nice. Great to see some of the sites I’ve visited on here as well as others I’ll have to browse around.

  • There some really nice site here. I think my fav is the Social Media Examiner. They really took the time on the graphics.

  • I think you should maybe add this blog to this list:

  • Anonymous
  • Dimi

    Omg! Feegrids didn’t make the list I’m gonna start crying!! There is always the next list! ;)

    Great roundup thank you for sharing!

  • Really great post! Always nice to see some fresh designs.

  • Great list, fresh inspiration. Thanks for Post

  • Wow, thanks for including us!

  • really informative grouping of blogs – i have bookmarked many and subscribed to rss as well as some twitterfeed – thanks!

  • Thanks for the list. Two of my favourites from here are Design Informer and Little Box of Ideas.
    Both of these sites have been redesigned since the screenshots were taken.

  • Stuart Ruggiero

    Great List. Amazingly I haven’t seen some them yet. You should check:
    I like the content there

  • made in england FTW

  • Rockable Themes

    You forgot the ;)

  • Happy to see some of my favorites, friends and fellows make this list. They do deserve it :)

  • Great round up, I’m sure that everyone on this list is happy to see their name and blog make your list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Keep creative :)

  • You forgot the ;) Great list thanks!

  • pretty nice list,most of these bloggers have made it to the top,hope we have more in the new future.

  • pretty nice list,most of these bloggers have made it to the top,hope we have more in the new future.

  • don’t forget to check out my design blog :)


  • fantastic list! thanks!

  • Hi, Thanks or the list! I’m inspired…
    I also wanted to get in touch because I have been reading your blog for a long time. I am now the proud writer of a blog myself.
    My blog | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche | is about living in North London as an architect, a mother interested in all things design.

    I know your readers are interested in Design and thought they might enjoy reading some of my posts.
    Would you be interested in sharing it with your audience?

    Speak soon,

    | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche |