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Your website must stay online, otherwise you lose money. In other words, the web hosting company that you entrust with this responsibility has to be one of the finest. The following list outlines 10 of the most proficient web hosting companies on the present market.



I love this company! Check out Bluehost’s live demo. The company provides its users with professional shared hosting, which is of course attached to unlimited storage and file transfer capacity, as well as unlimited domains and email accounts. In addition, Bluehost’s shared hosting allows users to register one domain for free, and also comes with a free site builder (with templates to employ in the making of a website). Most importantly, the first invoice of Bluehost’s Professional Web Hosting service arrives with a discounted price: $2.95. The first 30 days of hosting are eligible for full reimbursements, and even when users reconsider sometime after the passing of the first month, they can still receive what’s left of the prepayment.



WPEngine’s entry-level – Personal plan ($29/mo.) allows unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of storage that is sufficient for most small ecommerce stores. This plan, however, counts the number of visits to your site and limits it to 25,000 visits per month. If this number is exceeded, they bill you an extra $1 per 1000 visits. If the over-the-limit visit bills mount too high, you could upgrade to their Professional plan (with a steep increase to $99/mo.). On the flip side, if you need to do this, your store is probably fetching lots of sales and revenues so you may not mind the $99/mo. price tag too much. Check out the full WPengine review on our sister site Ecommerce Platforms.


Kinsta is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider designed for small and large. They are powered exclusively by Google Cloud Platform and they utilize Google Cloud’s premium tier global network to ensure your site loads even faster. Kinsta is officially recommended by Google Cloud. Kinsta’s entry-level – Starter plan ($30/mo.) allows 20,000 visits and 3GB of storage that is sufficient for most small ecommerce stores.

24/7 support provided by WordPress experts is available for all of the customers 365 days a year. All their plans include free CDN, free SSL, staging environment, daily auto backups, a custom designed dashboard with lots of data that helps you improve further your site, PHP 7.2 support, server-level rules and optimizations for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download sites to ensure a smoother checkout experience for customers. Additional extras like hourly autobackups, Redis, Cloudflare Railgun and Elasticsearch support are available.

The Pro and higher plans come with a free white-glove migration, it’s completed by their expert support team.
The business and higher plans include SSH and WP-CLI access for developers.  

Check out the full Kinsta review on our sister site Ecommerce Platforms.



WebHostingHub provides quality web hosting services, helps people get their websites online, and supports them with best customer service 24/7/365. They’re based in Virginia Beach and got started in 2001. Over the years they’ve kept one goal in mind: provide easy to use and affordable products starting from domain names, web hosting and free web applications to custom solutions for your business. They’ve made it their focus to provide the highest levels of technical support, customer satisfaction and quality of service in the web hosting industry.


2. WebFaction

WebFaction is an amazing web hosting provider for creative professionals, insomuch as the sort of web hosting that this company lies on the table is of Shared, VPS, and Dedicated origin. In other words, the hosting offering somehow manages to retain qualities from all these three classic types of hosting. The best way to understand this aspect yourself is to try WebFaction’s 48-hour trial. Once they’ve taken up web hosting from WebFaction, any unconvinced users can demand refunds: for the first 60 days of hosting, they are eligible for a full money-back guarantee.

In the event that something feels off, or whenever users are faced with a seemingly insurmountable technical obstacle, WebFaction’s professional support team is always at the ready to provide their customers with top-notch assistance. Apart from that, there are loads of other encouraging aspects about WebFaction’s hosting services. The company’s experts give developers full SSH availability, whereas they make sure to configure, backup and monitor hardware, just as sure as they apply security patches and update all existing tools. Around 50 applications are ready for 1-Click Installation, and then they function at great speed. Additionally, PHP, Django, and Python are just some of the pre-installed developer tools that WebFaction provides its users with, right from the start.

As for the cost attached to having one’s website hosted by WebFaction, it is my contention that the company’s hosting plans come with acceptable prices. Customers may either take up a whole year right from the beginning, or go steady with a month by month subscription. While the first, annual, option attaches a cost of $8.50 to one month of web hosting, monthly leaps are correlated with $9.50.

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is focused on delivering the type of hosting they would want to use themselves. Ie: ultra-reliable performance, all-inclusive hosting with no hidden fees, and US-based around the clock support from a Guru Crew. They’re developers too, so when a new technology comes along they’re just as eager to use it as we are and they make it available as quickly as possible.  A staggering 97% of their customers would recommend A2 Hosting to a friend. Those aren’t the only ones who recommend A2 Hosting. Developers and software providers worldwide trust them and recommend them to their own users as well.

(mt) Media Temple

3. (mt) Media Temple

(mt) Media Temple currently takes pride in 15 years of providing quality web hosting. For the time being, the company hosts 1.5 million websites in 100 countries worldwide, and keeps around 125, 000 clients happy. I could even go so far as state that, since (mt) Media Temple launched, it has taken all the right steps towards becoming an expert in providing the ideal venue for its customers’ great ideas to achieve online success.

Their client range expands far and wide, from Web designers and Web developers to small- and medium-sized businesses, and even to globally-established brands such as Red Bull, Volkswagen, Adidas, or Samsung. This diverse clientele is living proof that (mt) Media Temple succeeds in complying with the hosting demands of anyone who decides to partner up with it. The support team is remarkably responsive and intuitive, and it would certainly make the most positive of impressions on all users who happen to find themselves in a technical impasse. In fact, the company’s support team has been granted an award due to its outstanding assistance abilities.

(mt) Media Temple’s GRID shared hosting platform is the company’s flagship offering. The GRID is particularly optimized for WordPress, and promises to be the answer to all Web developers’ or designers’ hosting dreams for just $20-a-month. Specifically, the GRID provides its users with 100 GB storage, 1 TB scalable bandwidth, the possibility to store 1000 email addresses, host up to 100 websites, and its most recent update made websites go 6 times faster.



Hostoople has exploded onto the web hosting scene. They have every solution for every single aspect of the web hosting business, unlimited storage and file transfer capacity, UNLIMITED BONANZA. They offer vps, reseller hosting, shared and dedicated solutions. They will give you a free domain with any plan you choose, free site builder and 24/7 phone support and chat. An interesting offer: they have a 3 year deal which puts your monthly hosting costs at 2.95 per month. There’s a 99.5 % up time and a friendly staff that is ready to assist with any issues that might arise. Their motto is “Give the customer more, and ask for less”.


5. dreamhost

DreamHost would also be a wonderful choice of web hosting. In 16 years of practice, the company has come to host around 1.2 million websites for 350, 000 customers. Its Shared hosting offering is ideal for Web designers and developers, and available for the accessible price of $8.95 per month. Anyone can test the Shared hosting offering by engaging in a 30-day-long free trial. On the flipside, VPS hosting from DreamHost is coupled with unlimited bandwidth and storage, and 300 MB of RAM can be equipped for just $15 per month. Remarkably, DreamHost maintains a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Moreover, the web hosting company has one of the lengthiest 100% money-back guarantees, which stretches for the first 97 days of hosting.


6. HostNine

HostNine takes a much deserved place in my list of the present time’s most important web hosting companies. HostNine’s Shared, Reseller, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated products are altogether backed by a 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee, where each hour of registered downtime is compensated by 24 hours of free hosting, which are deducted out of the next month. What is more, new users can give everything up during the first 45 days, and they will receive full reimbursements. Right now, HostNine offers amazing discounts for its existing clients: for instance, 50% is taken out of the first invoice by inserting code H9LUV13 for Cloud VPS, Reseller, and Shared hosting.


7. WebHostingBuzz

In my opinion, WebHostingBuzz is one of the best web hosting companies of the moment. Deciding to host your website with the help of WebHostingBuzz would be a fine choice for web designers and web developers. The Shared hosting service is available for just $4.95 per month, and the VPS offering is only $14.95. However, the best cost value is linked with the WebHostingBuzz Reseller hosting service, which would normally costs $9.95 per month, but which is now discounted to $1 (!) if the new user remembers to type in code “resellerdeal” when she/he activates the hosting plan.


8. Flywheel

Flywheel provides top-grade web hosting, and setting up a free demo website would convince anyone of its worth. More than anything, the company is ready to accommodate freelance web designers and those who work within creative agencies. Flywheel facilitates third-party reselling, and simplifies the interaction between team workers (as multiple usernames and passwords are not required). Flywheel’s main purpose is to gratify all creative professionals, who would rather dedicate themselves to following up on their passion for design, instead of being forced to waste a lot of time managing websites. Hence, Flywheel launches their customers’ websites, and then handles management, backups, updates, and keeps them safe and sound.


9. Pixeno

Pixeno is an exceptional web hosting company, and it would make a wonderful hosting choice for all creative-minded professionals. Anyone can test Pixeno’s offerings in a month-long free trial. In my case, as soon as I learned about the kind of technology that Pixeno employs in its headquarters, I was impressed; it can hardly go by unnoticed that the company’s power supply is impervious to failure. As far as Pixeno’s line of products is concerned, the Personal and Reseller hosting plans really shine. Not only do they provide all user accounts with an unlimited number of subdomains, email addresses, and MySQL databases, but the company schedules 4 backups every single day, and the saved information is kept for 2 weeks, which allows for 56 restore points at any given time.


1. KnownHost

KnownHost fills in the first place in my web hosting preferences. The Managed VPS, SSD VPS, and Dedicated offerings are genuinely dependable and affordable solutions. The Managed Dedicated Servers are Linux-based and they come with free cPanel/WHM. With KnownHost’s VPS hosting, web developer/designer customers can easily abandon the notion of shared hosting in favor of the far more superior resources, power, and flexibility of VPS, all for a lower price than that for a whole server.

By stating that KnownHost’s services are managed, I mean that migrations and backups are covered at no cost whatsoever. In addition, some of the other important aspects which KnownHost takes full charge of are account safety, management of the operating system, hardware and network maintenance, control panel installation and its initial optimization. Obviously, KnownHost strives to provide top quality hosting, so that its users may rest assured knowing that they’re in good hands. As regards reliability, KnownHost is fairly confident in its network uptime potential. Specifically, a 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee is supported by an SLA credit which is bound to relieve downtime of up to 0.9% (the occurrence of downtime past that monthly value is simply unheard-of), given that clients alert the KnownHost helpdesk within the first 5 days of the offline episode by submitting a ticket.

A major reason to take up one of KnownHost’s VPS offerings around this period (starting with VPS-2 and moving up to larger versions) is the wonderful offer which is presently attached to them. Namely, inserting code KH15LIFE on activation grants new customers a lifetime discount of 15%, which later on scales when they should decide to upgrade. Lastly, it’s good to know that KnownHost fully reimburses clients who decide to stop hosting their websites here during the first 30 days.


10. HostGator

HostGator deploys outstanding resources to provide quality web hosting for an affordable price. The company draws on wind energy to power up its 12.000 servers which are assigned to all of its hosting alternatives: Shared, Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated. The Network Uptime Guarantee for all offerings is 99.9%, and then a 45-day money-back guarantee is available in case fresh customers are not entirely happy. Moreover, HostGator’s customer support team is exceptionally competent, and the first invoice arrives at a 20% discount whenever users activate one of the web hosting company’s Shared hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby, or Business.

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