10 Most Most Inspirational Groups on Deviantart

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Despite the odd sounding name, Deviantart is a much loved and well known social networking site for artists and lovers of art around the world. Started in 2000 as a site where amateur and professional artists could share and display their work, the site now boasts over 13 million members and hosts artists working in every art form imaginable.

Because the site is so big it’s divided into groupings of various art and artists – and you can find a group for just about any kind of art. If you spend a little time looking through the groups you’ll quickly discover that the talent represented is truly amazing and inspiring. Since inspiration – just like beauty – is often in the eyes of the beholder, check out these 10 groups and see if you gets your creative juices flowing.


It’s hard to think about art without thinking about photography – some of the most impactful art of the modern age had been captured in a photo. These three groups are devoted to photography

1. Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

This group describes themselves as having the highest expectations of their members.

2. Young Photo Club

Young Photo Club

This group only accepts un-altered photographs taken by members.

3. Black and White Art/Photography

Black and White Art/Photography

This group doesn’t automatically accept all photographs that are submitted; you have to get yours approved by the members.

Mixed Media Art

Art – both traditional and digital – is still an awesome way for people to express themselves, as you will see in these two groups

4. Traditional Media

Traditional Media

The group will accept and critique your art but does not allow complaining or ranting if you don’t like what they have to say.

5. Digital Artists

Digital Artists

This group lists itself as a Premier Digital Art Gallery and wants you to only submit work you are really proud of.

Art on the Computer

Anyone into digital art loves looking at how digital art is created. These three groups will show you the amazing things that can be done with software and a computer.

6. Master Photoshop

Master Photoshop

Says it supplies only the best Photoshop resources, so if you want to follow along with some truly awesome tutorials, this is the group to join.

7. 3D Step-by-Step

3D Step-by-Step

As a member you can contribute to this site if you have at least 2 years of experience in 3D art.

8. Sci-fi/Fantasy Art

Sci-fi/Fantasy Art

This group is international and contains some truly jaw-dropping works of art created by its members. A must-see if you love sci-fi and or fantasy art.

Other Art

Art and inspiration isn’t just about drawing, as these last two Deviantart groups will prove.

9. Live-Love-Write


The name says it all and this group of writers supply group critiques, writing prompts and writing inspiration big time.

10. Paper Art

Paper Art

You won’t believe what these people can do with a piece of paper. Truly amazing.

Sometimes when the creative well runs dry, the best thing you can do to fill it again is to experience art as an observer and student instead of as an artist. When you’re looking for creative inspiration, you can’t do better than viewing the art displayed by these Deviantart groups.

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