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DeviantART has become one of the most popular art sharing groups on the web. Their offer of watermarks and protections for artists, added to a huge membership and plenty of groups, make it a wonderful place to congregate to market yourself as an artist, get tips and or course find inspiration.

For typography enthusiasts there are a number of groups that have been created to feed their typography addictions. These are the 10 best that DeviantART has to offer.

1. TypographyToday

Typography Today

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TypographyToday has done what most would think of as impossible: they have managed to only collect awesome designs for their group. Somehow I found that everything they have in their folders manages to be fantastic, even though there are only more than 550 members. They also get bonus points for having an impressive favorites folder with yet more examples of some of the best typography on DeviantART.

2. TypographyClub


Image by sounddecor

TypographyClub has 530 members so fgar but they are growing. There is a nice feature of five different gallery areas, each one for a different genre: 3D Typography, Logos, Posters, Typographic Portraits and Font. They aren’t hugely active but their featured art is so good you won’t want to miss out on checking them out. If you want inspiration, this group has it by the handfuls.



Image by GeeeO

Typeface, logos, posters, web design and more. VICIOUS-TYPE is dedicated to all things cool, raw and interesting. They are pretty active for such a small group and they are growing. Their featured folder has some really great stuff, a lot of it experimental. But the best part about this group is the member list, where you can find tons of dedicated typography maniacs with work on their own profiles.

4. Typola


Image by intempo808

This is the largest typography group on DeviantART. It is also one of the most active, with regular submissions from the 1,100 plus members, covering everything text art related. Some of it is kind of hit and miss, which is disappointing when put against TypographyToday and TypographyClub, both of which are much more focused in the quality of their content. But there is still some great stuff here, plus a large collection of favorites.

5. TypeBandit


Image by *jeffrey

This grouo might not be for everyone, but it isn’t because of the quality of the featured peices. They seem to accept only the very best, and that might be the issue for some. They will reject members if they don’t feel that they are at the standard they have set. They also won’t accept any members who do not have type art in their galleries. But they follow typography, font, logo design, t-shirts and other forms of text art.

6. Typoholics


Image by ~subdio27

Nice and active, this is one of the most highly suggested typography groups on DA. Not only do they regularly allow submissions and so have a larger gallery than most, but they have monthly challenges to help inspire their members. Looking through their gallery I find myself in awe of the talent of their members, and really impressed by the submissions to each of their challenges.

7. Typographers Society

Typographers Society

Image by TheSpinxSage

Another lovely and active group, this one is also selective on its membership but in a friendly way that challenges those wishing for a feature to better their work right along with them. They have fonts, logos, wallpapers, posters and more, and some of the work by current submitters are incredibly complex and well thought out pieces of work. They have a large favorites selection, too. But the best part to me is the Resources folder.

8. LancreComm


Image by Sprouse-Artwork

This isn’t just a typography group, as they cover advertising, web interfacing and customization. But they have folders for text art styles such as posters and fonts, as well as logos. They are very active and the work there is phenomenal. They are also specifically a daily inspiration group, so any time you need an idea or a direction to help you through a creative block you can jump over and enjoy the view and resources available there.

9. LogoNation


Image by christ139

Logo specific, this is a small but surprisingly well stocked group. There are a ton of submissions, and while the admin has not been very active lately you can find a good amount of work there for you to check out. A lot of it is really well made, as well. I really love the cover art and posters folder, where there have been some incredible designs submitted.

10. TypoLove


Image by jeffrey

This is the smallest group on the list, however, it has an amazing 42 pages of submissions there for you to look through. While it isn’t very well organized and so there is no way to sift by category, you won’t want to. Most of what has been posted is reallyt beautiful and interesting, with some great basic ideas for designs you can draw inspiration from.

Do you have a group on DeviantART that you want to promote to other typography lovers? Let us know in the comments!

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