20+ Amazing Deals for Designers & Developers

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We’re big fans of quality deals here at Inspired Mag and there are quite a few good ones live at the moment so I thought to share some of them with you. We have eBooks, web apps, some awesome WordPress themes, plugins, online classes and other goodies. Check out the list and feel free to share other deals in the comments.

300 PICAS Vector Icons | Value $50 | New Price $15

PICAS icons are royalty-free vector icons, designed and specially optimized for web, mobile and GUI interfaces. These icons include multimedia player controls, file management, ecommerce, and a bunch of other useful topics.

The Ultimate Designer Toolkit over 60,000 Designer Items | Value $99 | New Price $49

This deal was immensely popular in the past and we were inundated with requests to bring it back, so we have brought it back so that everyone can have a chance to get it. For the past 2,000 years, a group of talented designers have been creating the ultimate toolkit for designers. Well, it was more like 14 months, but hey even then, the results are super impressive. How about over 60,000 designer items in one single bundle!

PopUp Domination: Increase your Email Sign-ups by 429% Overnight | Value $47 | New Price $27

PopUp Domination is a simple engaging lightbox PopUp which is the future of effective list building.  In fact, a well designed lightbox PopUp can be the difference between making a little profit with a list to making HUGE profits. You need to take an awesome looking design and give your visitors a compelling offer in return for their name and email address.

14 MOJO WP + Tumblr Themes | Value $437 | New Price $27

This deal is a Mighty Deals exclusive and includes 12 WORDPRESS and 2 TUMBLR THEMES chosen especially for you from some of the most popular themes on MOJO Themes right now. The regular price for all of themes together is $437, but for a very limited time we’re bringing them to you for just $27, that’s an astounding 94% off!

HTML & HTML5 Crash Course | Value $99 | New Price $39

Learn everything you need to know about HTML and HTML5 and how to use it with this highly informative video based course from Udemy.  Taught by Robin Nixon, author of Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (the most popular book on web development worldwide for over two years), this course covers everything you need to know about using the power of HTML5 to create highly dynamic websites.

WP Plugin for Instant Mobile Websites | Value $49.95 | New price $19

WP Mobile Detector installs and gets your mobile site up and running in minutes. That’s right: minutes! Whenever someone visits your site on a mobile device, the WP Mobile Detector plugin will display a mobile theme rather than the regular desktop theme. And when desktop users visit your site, the plugin just sits there, dormant.

eBook: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup | Value $29 | New Price $14

Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup is a step-by-step guide to launching a self-funded startup, written by successful entrepreneur, Rob Walling. If you’re a desktop, mobile or web developer, this book is your blueprint to getting your startup off the ground with no outside investment.

Teach your clients WordPress in one hour without reading a word! | Value $99 | New Price $9.99

Whether you’re a newbie yourself, or perhaps you’re simply tired of teaching your clients how to work with WordPress… Maybe you just don’t have time. This is exactly why you need WordPress 101.

ProductShotPro | $Value 199 | New Price $99

Who’s got time to spend hours creating 3D realistic objects shots for products? We certainly don’t and we don’t think you do either. And you don’t have to!  ProductShotPro for Adobe Photoshop® is a beast of a tool that effortlessly converts your 2D designs into tangible, 3D-style product shots in seconds. They didn’t call it ‘Pro’ for nothing!

15+ WordPress Themes | Value $29 | New Price $19.90

Themes Kingdom have a great collection of varied WordPress themes, that’s constantly growing. The themes are simple to use and easy to customize, enabling you to get a professional website up and running in no time at all. All themes are customizable through a custom admin panel and most themes are also supplied with their PSD files, for further customization.

WPMU WordPress Warchest | Value $420 | New Price $125

WPMU DEV has probably EVERY WordPress resource you can imagine (all custom developed).  If you were to have just ONE “silver bullet” in your WordPress Warchest …..WPMU would be it.  P.S. Not sure if I mentioned this, but WPMU DEV is usually $420 for a year….but we’ve got them HANDING OUT MEMBERSHIPS for only $125 for a full year!

Three Cheat Sheets for Quick FB and Twitter Marketing + Google Website Optimizer | Value $50 | New Price $19

We’ve got THREE of these “mini-guides” here today (each is 15 pages or less): Facebook Marketing – How you should be using Facebook for your biz. Twitter Marketing – If your biz is on Twitter…make sure you read this first to get the max out of it. Google Website Optimizer – How it helps you increase conversion rates on your site…FO FRIZZLE (to all you non-hip Sumo’s, that means “For Free”)

Get the Skills to Develop iOS Apps | Value $250 | New Price $150

The course is 12 chapters long and each chapter has video lectures for you “visual learnerz”. This is like taking a full class about iPhone and iPad development!  I know A LOT of people who would PROFIT from this right away through: They already have design clients, but could do iOS dev also. Have jobs and this would greatly improve their skill set. Go around guerrilla-style to businesses and create quick apps for them.

One Year of Market Research Made Easy | Value $348 | New Price $89

AYTM‘s break-through technology and proprietary, nationwide consumer panel have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art market research using their turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.  Now, you can make confident business decisions based on facts and consumer insight!

MediaLoot Design Library | Value $288 | New Price $89

A collection of design resources that help make your apps, themes, and other designs even more awesome in less time. MediaLoot is one of those “Designers Dream” sites because you can browse through the (3,500 strong) collection and snag ANYTHING you see.

eBook: Principles of Beautiful Web Design | Value $30 | New Price $19

You can sit there and scroll through all 2,000,000 colors…OR start reading the SitePoint Principles of Beautiful Web Design book to find out WHY a certain color will go well with another (and you can apply that info to every color combination you pick). The art of design CAN be learned. This book will lead you through the process.

WP Ninja’s Entire WordPress Theme Collection in One Download | Value $285 | New Price $49

The WP Ninja is giving away ALL of his themes today. You get every single WordPress theme in his collection in one bundle. We’re only doing this for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so grab the entire theme collection while we’ve got it!

eBook: Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices | Value $30 | New Price $19

Learn to make a mobile version of your website that feels like a native-app. Not able to whip up an “app-feeling” mobile site? You might be falling behind. Brush up your web design skills with this SitePoint eBook that’ll teach you to make slick mobile sites. So if you’re not designing your websites with mobile in mind…you’re falling behind.

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