Become a better photographer with these 25 infographics

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You don’t have to be a Marketing researcher to understand that images are the real-thing, when it comes to creating content that is easily promoted through social networking sites like Facebook. We are indeed ‘Visual Beings’, and when you think about it, it all comes as a consequence of the invention of Photography.

Even digital artists and illustrators get many of their references though photography. And what about vídeo? Would it exist without photography? No need to answer. Instead, let’s show some of the infographics we have available on Visual Loop‘s archives about this topic.

The Development of the Camera: From Ancient to Instant | Via

Digital Camera History: The Evolution of the Camera | Via

The History Of Photo Sharing | Via

Most Photos Don’t Make It To Facebook | Via

The World of Photo Sharing | Via

The Rise of Mobile Photography | Via

Photographer’s Life Through the Lens | Via

Online Photo Sharing: Comparing The Services | Via

The Web’s Photography War | Via

What’s Behind the Food Photography Trend? | Via

Canon vs Nikon: a Financial and Consumer Comparison | Via

Nikon vs. Canon | Via

The Story of Kodak – Best to Bankrupt | Via

Kodak Bankruptcy | Via

iPhone photos | Via

Simple Guide To Photography by G. Juans | Via

Why you should take photos in RAW, by SMTT (Spain) | Via

Night Photography Tips | Via

Photography Cheat Sheet | Via

Digital Photography Tips for Amateurs | Via


What Does Your Camera Say About You? | Via

What Type of Camera Should I Get? | Via

Complete Guide For Choosing a Wedding Photographer | Via

How to take photos in Low Light | Via

54 Portrait Ideas | Via

Free family portrait photography cheat sheet | Via

Architecture photography cheat sheet | Via

How to control the Aperture and Depth of Field  | Via

Taking Purr-Fect Cat Photos | Via

Of course, we have to take a look at the billion-dollar company:

Instagram at the Ball Park! | Via

2012 Olympics on Instagram | Via

10 Killer Brands on Instagram | Via

The Business Marketers’ Guide to Instagram | Via

Feel free to send us any other interesting infographics about this or any other subject!

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