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Craig Baldwin is a recently graduated graphic design student at the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. The post is sponsored by – Dedicated Server Hosting

This it the seventh edition of Be Inspired and it’s certainly a mixture this week, we’ve got posters, adverts, typography, stop motion, print, illustration, packaging and plenty more. Hope you enjoy this week’s collection.

Noa Emberson: The Visual Mixtape

In a similar vein as A Lyric A Day, Noa Emberson’s self-initiated poster project details his favourite 25 albums of all time using a consistent layout but varying colour scheme and imagery I think it’s pretty beautiful, that A Lyric A Day thing is worth checking out as well while you’re at it.

Guy Walks Across America

A guy called Mike walked across America from New York to San Francisco, what makes it all the more impressive is the stop motion video they made along the way.

AlmapBBDO: Greenpeace Faces

This is rather similar to the work featuring trees last week but this takes the idea and goes further with it so I thought it was worth showing as well.

Andrew Kupresanin: Nadia Camera

“A camera that thinks, so you don’t have to”. Hmm, it’s rather interesting that this camera actually seems to be real and uses “the first publicly available aesthetics inference engine”, be interesting to see it used for more than just a pot of flowers.

Simon Page: Musically Inspired Album Covers

A series of album cover designs based on how the music featured on the CD made Simon Page feel. I quite like the direct connection between the music and art and it’s nice to see some people still put effort into album cover design when it seems to be a dying trade.

Reza Ilyasa

I do like robots, I’ve always loved games like Zone of the Enders or Front Mission and the designs of robots in things like Gundam or Armoured Core. So it’s not surprising that when I saw these illustrations by Reza Ilyasa I loved them for all the robotic detail.

Mohammed Amine Nasseri, Magda Klukowski and Natalie Borger: Showcase

I wish my degree show had such a consistent and cohesive visual identity as this visual concept for FH Wiesbaden Diploma and Bachelor Exhibition. Taking a simple type and shape they’ve expertly applied it across all media.

Hunt Studio: Process Journal

This is the second edition of the quarterly Process Journal which aims to feature the best in Australian and International design, it’s neither a magazine nor a book but they hope it’s the best of both worlds. I have to say the first was made to a very high quality and I look forward to receiving my copy.

LoSiento: EMPO

EMPO is a school of psycho-osteopathy which uses therapeutic manipulation of bone and muscle to promote structural integrity that can help restore or preserve health. Taking this as a starting point LoSiento decided to represent the volume and structure of bones using card. Pretty effective I think.

Project Projects: Rufino

Rufino is a biannual journal published by the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. Designed to be portable as a small-format publication it presents a range of essays and artworks connected to the museum’s new contemporary art program. I’m a fan of the line patterns, which you might not be able to see in these preview images.

Szymon Kabala: Reset

A ten minute epic of stop motion animation, I found doing three minutes of stop motion hard enough, this must have required an insane amount of patience and perseverance.

Oussama Mezher: L’enfer des CD

I couldn’t find the designer’s website, or at least not the right one from what I could see. Simple and sustainable CD and DVD packaging made from Kraft chipboard and printed in one colour, perfect in its execution.

Your turn now – found any inspirational links lately that you’d like to share with the rest of the readers? What’s you fave from the above artists / projects?

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Craig is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. Connect with him on Twitter.