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The expectation around the Avengers:Assemble movie was high. At least, for me it was. As I said here before, I’m an old Marvel fan, so, there was no way I’d miss the opportunity to bring it up here. From the Visual Loop archives, I’ve selected some of the amazing infographics made about the movie’s blockbuster success around the world, and the memorable set of characters played by a great cast of actors.

Some of the works presented here are not in English, but they’re sure worth featuring for our inspired crowd. And let’s just hope the rumours of an Avengers sequell are true.

Avengers, Assemble! | Via

The Avengers crush Harry Potter | Via

Avengers | Via

B.G. Avengers combined | Via

The Costume History of the Avengers | Via


Avengers, Assembled  | Via

Avengers | Via

Assemble | Via

Meet the Avengers | Via

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