I recently splurged for our team at Atilus and bought the entire A Book Apart series, described as “Brief books for people who make websites.” The series is written by A List Apart alum and features the very same writers and forewords by-the same people that initially helped me learn web design (if only through their…Continue Reading “HTML 5 For Web Designers Review”

This is a guest post by Zach Katkin, founder of Zincubate, a brilliant resource for small business software news. Our team has been working incessantly to make Zincubate a reality, and I am excited to officially announce the launch of Zincubate.com! Where in the world did “Zincubate” come from? Zinc: an element and mineral essential to all…Continue Reading “Meet: Zincubate – Tech for Business”

If you’ve been on the web in the past few months, and frequent design sites like Inspired, or social sites like Digg or Reddit, you’ve probably seen Andres Romero’s (aka Blo0p) recent work. He’s a young, talented, and we’d venture to say master illustrator – capable of taking simple ideas and objects and converting them…Continue Reading “Superhero Interview – Andres Romero AKA Blo0p”

I think one of the most important things any aspiring web developer or designer can be is humble. Even when your work truly does inspire, let it speak for itself. Your audience will thank you for that. (Let me caution that my high school art teacher said that “to be a great artist, you must…Continue Reading “TeamTreeHouse Offering Discount for Students”

I’ve been asked this question too many times… What Does a Website Cost? As either a potential designer, developer, freelancer, or the owner of a website design business it’s important that you know how to answer this question and understand what your competitor is charging as well as how you can create value. And, on…Continue Reading “Website pricing: how much does a website cost?”

The inspiration for this post came from an article I read about Coca Cola’s future marketing and branding strategy. The soft drink powerhouse is planning their marketing strategy, and they’re calling it “Content 2020.” According to a post from U.K. based MarketingWeek, Coca-Cola will be moving from “creative excellence to content excellence.” When you’re the…Continue Reading “Learning From Coke’s New (Internet) Strategy”