Typically, I write about things in an informative way and offer less commentary. Today, I hope to offer a little bit of my personal opinion on how Google is redefining the word “Freemium.” Google Apps for Business went from a free feature for small startup businesses to a paid feature ($50 per year per person)….Continue Reading “How Google Sees Freemium”

Your website is your company’s online salesperson. When you’re sleeping, going out with friends, or taking a vacation, your website is there selling your company/service/products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being designers, we are often thinking about just that: design. We critique the way a website looks and drill down to the…Continue Reading “iNoobs: Selling Web Design Services”

If you’re an experienced web designer/developer, it’s likely that you already know what HTML Meta Description Tags are. To help some of the newbies out there, I’ve put together a bit of a simple explanation and how-to for using HTML Meta Description Tags. HTML Meta Description Tags are pretty important (although not required) – this…Continue Reading “iNoobs: What are HTML Meta Description Tags?”

If you’re familiar with SEO, you know that Google has a number of different algorithms to sort through websites and decide which sites rank where (if you’re not, take a look at this previous article to see how much you might need to know about SEO). Google’s goal in ranking specific websites is to provide…Continue Reading “Google’s AuthorRank: A Search Results Game-Changer?”

A lot of people don’t realize the importance and the impact of having a blog. Creating, updating and maintaining a blog can do wonders for both your website and your personal brand. Having a blog is more than simply throwing opinions onto a website and hoping people notice you – it’s about showcasing your expertise…Continue Reading “iNoobs: Tips for New Bloggers”

I recently wrote a review of the 1st book in the A Book Apart Series – HTML 5 for Web Designers. The 2nd book in the series – CSS3 for Web Designers is an equally colorful and valuable quick guide for designers. CSS3 for Web Designers, authored by Dan Cederholm, with a forward by Jeffrey…Continue Reading “CSS3 For Web Designers Review”