Pay-per-click advertising is an increasingly attractive option for those wanting to advertise their business online. Google AdWords is my company’s go-to PPC tool for our clients’ and our own advertising (if you need more of a background of Google AdWords, take a look at one of my previous iNoobs posts). Guide to Writing Great AdWords…Continue Reading “How to Write AdWords Ads”

We all know that WordPress is very popular. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and simply a great content management system. My team and I use WordPress for our online tech magazine, Zincubate, and have discovered a handful of helpful WordPress plugins (and yes, we actually use them). Akismet � Block Spam in WordPress…Continue Reading “5 Extremely Useful WordPress Plugins”

We all know how important project management is. It’s what keeps communication clear, tasks consistent, and just makes the project completion easier. Project management used to be the act of a manager guiding staff through the duration and completion of a project. However, with the rise of technology, and the advent of different modalities (particularly…Continue Reading “Basecamp 2013 Review: Project Management Tools for Small Businesses”

I’ve spent a good amount of time toying with and reviewing different project management tools. So much time, in fact, that my website, Zincubate, was created to provide a resource for small businesses looking for tech tools to help them grow. Project management tools are at the core of what we review on Zincubate, and…Continue Reading “Apollo 2013 Review: Project Management Tools for Small Businesses”

One of the best things that any content writer can do is sit down and think. There are a couple of problems with thinking, though. First, you often lose track of time and your mind wanders off topic. Secondly, there is always the nagging thought about whether or not you can justify the amount of…Continue Reading “How a Few Simple Tools & Techniques Can Help You Write Better and Grow Traffic”

Building a website is a process, and a long one at that. It takes precious time, handiwork, and numerous resources to get the job finished. When it’s all said and done, how do you know what’s working? Is it when you think the site is attractive? Is it when your client thinks it looks pretty?…Continue Reading “iNoobs: Why Usability Testing Is Important”