It’s one of the biggest mysteries in wireless these days: More people worldwide own Android smartphones and tablets, yet iOS devices often drive the lion’s share of Web traffic from handheld devices. For example, during the first five weeks of 2013, iOS devices drove almost 7 percent of all traffic on non-cellular networks — while…Continue Reading “The Android-iOS Data Disparity”

Search for diabetes in Google Play and you’ll get more than 1,000 apps. The less common affliction of psoriasis has at least 50 apps to choose from. And these are just two examples of the crowded market for healthcare apps. The good news is there are ample opportunities to stand out from the pack, not…Continue Reading “The Overcrowded Healthcare App Market”

Many large enterprises have the resources to develop apps in house but prefer to outsource that task. Meanwhile, many smaller businesses don’t have the budget or skills for app development. Either way, there’s a large and growing market for enterprise-specific apps. Medtronic is just one example. For years, the company built Palm and Windows Mobile…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Get Enterprise Projects as a Mobile Developer”

Chromebook computers didn’t take the world by storm when they debuted last year, but the latest generation of the machines may deserve another look.Last June, the first commercial Chromebooks — laptops running Google’s Chrome OS — arrived on the scene (Google’s Cr-48 prototype surfaced earlier). Samsung and Acer introduced the first models. But by fall…Continue Reading “The truth about Chromebooks: do they worth a second look?”

Mobile operators and handset vendors frequently pre-install third-party apps on their smartphones, and operators sometimes add more later by bundling them in with over-the-air software updates. App distribution is a tricky game, and preloaded apps offer a great way for developers to get their app in front of a lot of people with a single…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Get Your Mobile App in Front of Millions”

Different strokes for different folks. That’s trite but true when it comes to how people interact with smartphones and tablets. That description also sums up a big challenge for app developers, OS vendors and device manufacturers: designing a UI that each one believes is the ideal way to interact with a device while still accepting…Continue Reading “Innovating in UX and UI”