There are many fine web app tools on the market. Some excel as design aids, some focus on collaboration features, and some do both. To maximize productivity, it only makes good sense to seek out the best tools, several of which are listed below. Four of these tools combine web building and collaborative functions. The…Continue Reading “Ways to improve team productivity and web apps to help you do it”

WordPress framework has different meanings, but more often then not when someone mentions a WordPress theme framework they usually mean a starter/base theme that makes your development process quicker and easier.

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Pre-made layouts can offer website designers valuable insights as to how their final product might appear. More importantly, since these layouts can be edited, they serve as powerful productivity tools as well. Instead of starting with a blank screen and hoping a good idea might pop into your head, you can initiate your projects using…Continue Reading “What the right mix of layouts, page-building tools, and top tier support can do for you”

What is bloated code? Is purchasing a code-bloated theme something to be concerned about, and if so, how can a website designer avoid doing so? A simple answer is that bloated code can adversely affect a theme’s performance. It can slow it down, and since bloated code is often poor quality code, it can impact…Continue Reading “Stop buying code-bloated WP themes”

Running a website is quite an interesting process. Gone are those days when creating a website took weeks or even months. We are living in the Information Age and our life’s events are changing faster than ever. Thus we offer you a stunning collection of 20 bestselling WordPress themes of this June that will encourage you to build a website that fits your needs.

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Of all of the tools available to the freelance web designer, the page builder is perhaps the single most important as a contributor to productivity, time saving, and the overall quality of the final product. Early page builders were adept at positioning blocks of text, graphics, and various page elements such as sidebars, but these…Continue Reading “These Are The Features To Look For In A WP Page Builder”