If the main goal of your next design is to get people excited, it could be time to pull out the red. It’s the color of excitement and adrenaline, and studies have shown that people surrounded by the color often find their heart beating faster, and on occasion even feel a little out of breath….Continue Reading “30 Bold Red Web Designs”

It seems these days that many designers automatically settle on the main color in their website’s palette automatically: white. Every other color is just an accent to that. Today, we look at 40 websites that used a bolder color to base their design on — in this case, blue. It’s harder to pull off a…Continue Reading “40 Websites That Look Great in Blue”

At various points in the web’s history, it’s been seen as fashionable to see just how much of a web design you can create with just HTML and CSS — including images in the design only where absolutely needed, such as icons. It’s a great exercise for honing your skills: how far can I go…Continue Reading “30 Brilliantly Textured Web Designs for Your Inspiration”