Construction firms have special needs when it comes to branding: not only do they need to effectively show that they are builders ready for the next job, but they also need to stand out among the masses of hammers and hard hats that are the go-to imagery for construction logos. There’s a difficult balance to…Continue Reading “40 Construction Logos That Convey Strength & Durability”

We dress up our clothes with the logos of the brands that made them, the logos of companies we want to promote and a few other logos or good measure. That makes it critically important — at least to some of us — that those designs are good in the first place. Denver Clothing Company,…Continue Reading “30 Creative Fashion Label Logo Designs”

Designing a blog can be a little more complicated than designing any other website: there are constraints you have to work in, limitations that can be frustrating and rules that can’t be broken without a whole lot of programming. The designs below, however, rise to the challenge. Notes from Mountain View is a blog designed…Continue Reading “30 Blog Designs and Designers You Must Check Out”