The timeless and everlasting art of self promotion is something that’s pushed onto each and every one of us day in and day out. Even more imperative, as many of us here are offering something to others, is that we must find the often hazy line of the shameless and stay as far away from it as possible.

I think most of us who design or develop websites have run into the phrase: “Make my site like Web 2.0ish” followed by a far off look in our eyes and a smile waiting to explode. I saw the phrase “Web 3.0” used in a Mashable article so casually it was as though it’s an understood and accepted fact.

Your site is full of real estate and almost all of it is trying to grab the visitors attention as quickly as possible. It could be argued that all real estate on your site is important, if you feel like being a pedantic whiny face. There are some areas, one in particular, that deserves extra love.