The iPhone changed the way we view mobile technology. It provided a feature-heavy device that fits into the palm of your hand, offering more than anything else had so far. When the iPad was announced there was a great deal of excitement. Tablets had not been a mass consumer product. When it was released it…Continue Reading “Get Inspired by These 5 Game Designs for the iPad”

In my opinion, infographics have a duel purpose: to present information in a quickly understood way, and to provide sharing-friendly content for an increasingly social media focused world. The best infographics really exploit both, and are passed around from person to person and convey real data in an entertaining manner. All while providing a platform…Continue Reading “Infographics Don’t Have To Be Overloaded to Be Hilarious: 8 Examples”

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design patterns that have come from traditional visuals of nationalities or world regions. Sometimes we pick up on this, and other times we are not so certain of the origins of a certain pattern to which we are drawn. Even more often, viewers won’t pick up on those influences when they witness the final product…Continue Reading “7 Nationality-Influenced Patterns to Inspire Your Website Design”

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