Think of a flyer as something “that flies or moves very fast”. It should be small, or decently sized, but with power to carry enough information to stir the interest, capture the imagination, land in pockets, under a #, or get stuck with a magnet to the fridge. For further reference, of course. Now, all…Continue Reading “Flyers – or how to teach them to fly better”

Before you dig into this, you should know that, even if I’m not a beginner when it comes to online business, my expertise is still limited and I still panic when I encounter errors or words and commands I don’t know. I’m the kind of person who calls a friend way too often to fix…Continue Reading “Shopify – a beginner’s review”

Behind every successful project, there is at least one human being with powerful attributes. The attributes vary. It can be determination, vision, energy, patience…. Or it can be mindfulness – hard to miss it in those who managed to take the practice of meditation to a level where it starts leaving traces. The good kind….Continue Reading “A Mindful Man”

When it comes to photography, London is not just the sum of an incredible array of topics, but a precious hub for displaying the results. So, with long nights and cozy interiors, November seems to be a favorable time to visit exhibitions. Here’s two of them. On the north bank, at Somerset House: Cartier-Bresson: A Question of…Continue Reading “Inspired Guide: A Question of Talent”

A few days ago I was passing by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Two impressive queues were going round the corners of the building. It was sunny and just minutes to 10 am when the gallery opens. In London, it’s normal to have people queuing to visit an exhibition. And it has nothing to…Continue Reading “Urban inspiration – tracking down the big exhibitions”