If there is one year for positive change, look no further, it’s 2017. Because there’s no better time than now to do something, but also because this world, on so many levels (well, you know, you’ve been there too) was seriously derailed in the past couple of years. You are probably involved already, struggling with…Continue Reading “Searching for Clean(er) Searches”

Nature* feeds us, purifies the air we breathe and the water we drink. Unbeatable booster, it cures stress, sadness, reenergizes humans. It’s all around us but most of us fail to appreciate it or even notice it, which is a bit like turning the back on our own selves. No, we’re not going into a…Continue Reading “The Future | Inspired by Nature”

Information overload, long days in front of the computer, meetings, deadlines, assessments, tax returns, payments, calls, more meetings, bills, technical errors (or otherwise). Most days are just a tough-crazy-tedious ride. They might even seem harder and longer for those who tinker with the technical bits in their daily professional routine, while also juggling the creative…Continue Reading “How to recharge your creative batteries or walking the offline path”

Don’t think OO7! OK, maybe just a bit. But delete all the dangerous bits from the Bond equation, because in these situations, ‘to spy’ means to ‘discover by close observation’, ‘to investigate intensively’ and their variations. The apps listed below are meant to offer insights, tips and priceless data that should help with marketing and…Continue Reading “10 amazing web tools to spy on your competition”

You know that dream where you end up in a cartoon? Something along the lines of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but much better? The thing is that afterwards you don’t remember the ‘stars’, or the confusing storyline, you only remember  the colours. They are bright, and it seems like somebody is constantly refreshing them, as…Continue Reading “A bag less ordinary  “

Stationery. It grows in abundance in offices. Their favourite place is usually all over the place, but in well organized environments like desks, cabinets and cupboards, they tend to file, pile up and mix. Sometimes they show up unattended in boardrooms, receptions and canteens, but most of the time they are tightly held by humans…Continue Reading “On the discreet charm of stationery”