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What Makes a Best-Selling ecommerce Multipurpose Theme?

Mobile shoppers are expected to account for the majority of online shoppers in the not-too-distant future. This has led to the latest trend in ecommerce themes, the emergence and marketing of responsive, multipurpose ecommerce WordPress themes. When these themes first came on the market, several of them quickly became best sellers.

They are characterized by two things; features that gave developers the tools they needed to create websites which were compatible with both PC and mobile device platforms, and clean, high-quality code that had been search engine optimized, and optimized for speed. We have taken a closer look at Atelier, a theme created by Swift Ideas, a Themeforest Power Elite author and one that has taken the multipurpose WordPress theme world by storm. Here is what we found.

The Importance of Design Quality and Optimized Code


As you might expect, the top-of-the-line, premium multipurpose themes generally outperform most of the others. These differences in performance can usually be tied to a number of things.

A theme must be easy to access and easy to navigate. Atelier’s many features and options are almost ridiculously easy to access. Choose a demo page or a shop layout, and all it takes is a click or two, and you are ready to begin editing and page building. Creating new pages is an easy task, thanks in part to easy-to-follow dashboards and menus.

Suffice it to say, Atelier is completely cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, and this theme is of course responsive and retina-ready as well.

The number of available features alone does not make a multipurpose theme a premium theme. The overall quality of such a theme is usually determined by the quality of the underlying code, and this is another area where Atelier shines.

It is obvious that the Swift Ideas’ developers put a great deal of loving care into creating the code that allows this theme’s features, elements, and options to work together interactively, seamlessly, and with lightning speed.

Atelier’s code is clean, it is well-documented, and it has been optimized to the fullest extent with speed in mind. The quality of Atelier’s code is evident in its demos, as well as in its actual use.

These are what separate premium, top selling themes from the rest of the crowd, but there is one more item than should not be overlooked, and that is the level of support that is available to a website developer. Excellent support is yet another area in which this multipurpose theme’s creators deserve a great deal of credit. Users have given Atelier high marks for quick responses to their questions or issues. In addition, with each free update this product releases, new features, elements, and options are constantly being added, and existing ones are constantly being upgraded.

To summarize: When you are given quality features, driven by quality, well-optimized code, the end result is a quality theme, which Atelier is, in every sense of the word.

What Else Did We Discover About Atelier?

One of Atelier’s pre-made layouts/demos


Developers look for flexibility, versatility, and customizability in a theme.  A versatile theme gives the developer many different options to begin with, while its flexibility and customizability make it possible to take full advantage of the options that are available for designing a page or a website.

Atelier’s extreme versatility is due in large part to its multiplicity of features and elements. This theme offers 40 different features to work with, and just as many different elements together with their options. As a result, you have more than 2,000 tools at your disposal to design a page that any website owner will be proud to have the opportunity to display.

Probably the most versatile ecommerce WP Theme on the market


Among the multiple features Atelier brings to the table are 5 different shop layouts. These layouts offer a developer the equivalent of 5 different themes to work with. There are over 15 different shop style options, 8 different types of product pages, and a valuable selection of miscellaneous shop pages.

When you take into account the degree of customizing that is possible with any of these styles, the number of options available is practically limitless.

One of the beauties of Atelier is that its streamlined and elegant concepts, evident in the demos and shop layouts, can be carried all the way through the customization process. Atelier’s product page concepts clearly demonstrate an ability to provide a maximum amount of useful information while using a minimal number of elements. This approach enables product pages to be created that not only attracts customers, but encourages them to investigate further.

Conclusion: A Stunning Example of the Latest Trend in ecommerce Themes

Versatility, customizability, ease use, and speed are four crucial elements the developers implemented to near perfection when creating the Atelier ecommerce theme. Perfection is a word that is often overused, but rather than going into detail to prove its validity, we will simply point out that Atelier’s 25,000 customers are proof enough of what this theme’s developers have been able to accomplish. This ecommerce theme is second to none, and it provides a stunning example of what has become the latest trend in ecommerce multipurpose themes.

Atelier is not just responsive, but tailored for an awesome mobile experience.




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