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Cubicle Ninjas is back with a whole new design collection for 2014. And this time, it’s all about app design!

What makes a great app? Many factors go into why an app is a successful one, but the ones that tend to fail lack what they promised the end user. This collection outlines design elements and features that either make or break an app’s popularity.

App Design Trends 2014

What’s Hot

Flat UI

Flat design is not only the latest trend, it also provides less clutter for better user experience.




Marketing / Promotion Apps

Designing a game to promote a campaign or a new product has a tremendous amount of value. Check out Metro Trains game app, Dumb Ways to Die. The game was designed to promote railway safety and it’s fun too!



Asynchronous Play

Game apps where you play against friends are more fun than games where the only incentive is to beat your highest score.



What’s Not

Payments to Progress

When a game starts asking for paid transaction to progress, it turns users away. There’s so many game apps that are free to play, why try and compete?



Social Media Login Requirement

When a game app requires a social media account to login, it can turn users away. Believe it or not, some users don’t use Facebook or Twitter. It’s important to always have an email login option for non-social media users.


The Next Fad

In App Events/Seasonal Events 

Apps that add some seasonal spice are a great way to make the app look shiny and new again.


Customized User Benefits

Some apps obtain great benefits for users. For example, Target’s Cartwheel app helps shoppers save money on the go.



To view more app design inspiration, please visit the full version on the Cubicle Ninjas’ blog.

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